Things on Tortilla #3::: Pesto Breakfast Wrap

 \breakfast tortillaWhen it comes to cooking, I have a few theories. One: anything is better when it comes from the garden. Two: You don’t need to know what you want to make when you begin cooking; just throw stuff in a pan. (Somethings this mean you end up ordering pizza, though.) And three: Breakfast always tastes better at in the evening. Always.

Theory one and three are exemplified in this post. But not two. I knew exactly what I wanted to cook the other evening when I started making this breakfast wrap.

cooking eggsclose up of bbWhat I included::: Scrambled eggs with a handful of chopped spinach and fresh kitchen basil. Diced tomatoes to top. And pesto to spread, of course. Breakfast is always better with pesto added to the mix.

And luckily, on that hot summer evening, breakfast was just the meal we were both wanting for dinner. Theory number four: meals always taste better when shared.


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