The Green Egg Movement

Somewhere today a chicken will lay an egg.  A farmer will pick it up, put it in a carton and off it will go to someone’s house. It will be sizzled for breakfast or put in a cake batter.  Millions of people consume millions of eggs everyday.

But what is in these eggs?

Those eggs are a product of the chicken– and everything that chicken is, was or did affects those eggs—what they ate for dinner affects those eggs, the lifestyle they live affects those eggs, how long they laid on those eggs and what they are laying on affects those eggs.

And one day, the egg will either hatch on its own or be cracked for someone’s eating pleasure. Whatever the outcome, these eggs grow and exist in such a way that makes them completely vulnerable to every condition. There is nothing the egg can control.

I wonder, if we think about our own lives in the metaphorical eye of a chicken and an egg, would we begin to see our actions differently? Would we eat less of this and more of this, if we knew what what our children needed to be healthy in thirty years? Would we drive less here and there if we knew that every mile affected the level of air our chicks had  to breathe in their eggs? If we knew what it took to build a thriving environment for our chicks, what would we change? At the end of our day, what would we see? If we carried on just as we are now, would our world be cracking before us or would we see a chick’s beak poke through, excited to see the world?

If we want a strong future, perhaps we need to have a stronger, healthier present existence.

The Green Egg Movement is simple.  It is thinking today about tomorrow. It is making small changes over a longer period of time to make a difference. It is GOOD FOOD. And playing outdoors. It is doing what we can, because doing is what makes the difference.

This blog is not about what we should do, it is about what we can do.  It is about the choices I make for my children, even though I don’t have them yet; because when they do come, I want them to have a happy hEARTH to roost in.

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