Lately, I love…

I want to remember this time in my life. And not just because something big has just happened. I want to remember so many other things about this time, too. Because this one big thing, even though it’s really exciting, is really just ONE thing. So while, of course, I want to remember this one big thing, I also want to remember all of the other little things that allow this one big thing to feel so right.

Lately, I kind of just love everything.  But without a doubt, these ones are my favorites….

The quiet that accompanies my morning coffee, the lingering scent of basil on my hands after I visit the garden, red barns and blue skies, finding a Real Simple magazine from November with a good recipe inside, realizing I don’t have to look perfect, I just have to feel good, playing volleyball in a friend’s pool, anything with quinoa in it, phone conversations with my mom, dicing fresh tomatoes, dreaming about wedding dresses, random picture-texts of my niece and nephew, and Sean, especially Sean. I think I love him the most.

ring and coffee cupbasil in the basket red barn, blue sky ring and poolcherry tomatoes sean and i at douglas valleyMy challenge this week is not to do it all and not to be everything, but only to be present. It’s when I focus on this, that I feel the most alive. And feeling “alive” is something I love, too.

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