Life Lately

Life lately has been moving quickly. All too quickly, if you ask me. I’ve been trying frantically to hold on to the last days of summer, even though part of this nanny is ready for school to start. But the end of season encourages a sense of urgency within me to partake in as many summer activities as humanly possible. This season of summer will soon be taken over by many months of relentless winter, and the only way to maintain a satisfied mind will be knowing that I lived up summer while it was here. So I’m trying hard, friends. I really with candlegreen beans cookingt plant picture line blue chairI spent Saturday at the beach with my old running turned amazing friend who has given me a surprising friendship I have really come to rely on an trust. Summer has delivered me a fun new friend I hope to see live on throughout the storms and cold winter will bring.

One of my oldest college friends and her new beau came over on Saturday night. We spread a red table cloth on a picnic table in our back yard, brought out a bowl of cashews and a growler of local beer, and talked late into the evening. This friend of mine has always been so loyal to me. In my times of confusion she has been a sounding board I can rely on. As I watch her grow in her new relationship, I feel so happy that someone who has always been such a great friend has found someone so perfectly matched for her. It’s fun to watch your friends fall in love, especially when the person they’re falling in love with is so awesome.  Summer has brought strengthened a relationship and reminded us all of the flitting feeling of  love.

As we sat talking into the night, I admired the growth our tomatoes plants have had this past week. Their branches are hanging low; heavy with tomatoes and touching the ground. The weather has been changing, but despite cold nights and some dying leaves, these plants are still producing vegetables for our dinner table. So we keep watering, and weeding, and picking, enjoying them as long as we can. Summer has brought us fresh food to satisfy our taste buds and stomachs each night.

As the night came to end, we packed our picnic basket and went back into our apartment, smacking mosquitoes from our arms as we went. Walking into our apartment, I was comforted by this feeling of home, of “being home”, of knowing that this place is our place. Sean and I have put in the necessary efforts to create this and buy that, working hard to afford this home of ours. Summer has brought us one year of our lives in this first home of ours.
I wonder what the next year will bring to this place, too? I’m so blessed to have these full-filling end of summer days.