1920’s Wedding Shower

So, this is my best friend. Readers, please meet Crissy.

Crissy opening giftsShe is beautiful and intelligent and every ounce of crazy. She’s my person in life. You know, the best friend who you can’t shake, no matter what. The best friend who calls you first thing in the morning because they’re pissed or laughing. The best friend who can tell you’re upset and makes fun of you until you laugh and realize how ridiculous you are acting. The best friend who knows you; I mean, really knows you.

Anyway, this great friend of mine, Crissy, is getting married this coming New Year’s Eve. But before the snow hits Michigan, our friends and I decided to throw her a 1920’s Bridal Shower. It was a perfect day, with sunshine and a slight breeze, sangria and laughter, and lots of ragtime music playing in the background.

dessert tableCcrissy and daniellecheers sign and tablecard suitcasetable settingsThe spread::: a make your own sandwich appetizer buffet. Because we did the party at two in the afternoon, we wanted people to have lots of light things to munch on. I ordered three types of bread from this great local bakery and picked up some Naan at Costco. Friday night, I furiously rolled all of the ham, turkey & chicken. A mom of our friend also made a great chicken salad spread. We had a plethora of cheeses.  Cut carrots, sweet peppers, cucumbers and tomatoes were also offered. Toppings were mayo, mustard & hummus. To say this least, this was the perfect afternoon snack as we celebrated our friend’s marriage.

The music::: I ordered a CD from the Preservation Hall Jazz Band from i-tunes for our background tunes.

The details::: I used this little machine to cut all of the hearts for the party. Hearts were used as labels for the food, labeling guests glasses, and for guests to write advice to the bride.

Since it was a 1920’s bridal shower theme, we used lots of pearls, ribbons and gold! We found the pearls on the food table @ Hobby Lobby in their Christmas Decor section— score! And that fabulous sparkly CHEERS sign came from Michaels. Each of the letters was on sale for 75 cents! Hooray. Our friend Barb already had that cool window chalk board.

In addition to our centerpieces, I went to the library the morning of the shower and rented books about all things 1920’s. There were fashion books and jazz books, prohibition books and film books, too. It was fun and free way to add a little punch to our centerpieces. Plus, it allowed all of us to plot our outfits for the upcoming 1920’s Bachelorette party!

It was a great party. And we definitely pulled out all of our best tricks for it! There are few better things in life than celebrating someone who really deserves the best. She and her fiance area  walking love story and we can’t wait to continue this 1920’s themed wedding in October at her bachelorette party.