To BE, I must DO.


I had to answer my phone on Sunday when it rang; even though I was trying very hard not to do anything for an entire afternoon. But as it rang it also flashed a photo of my greatest friend and I knew it couldn’t be ignored. Ten minutes later, she stormed into our house, simultaneously declaring her love for Sean and falling dramatically to the couch. At the time I was working on a plant holder for an idea that’s been brewing in my mind for quite some time now. As we spoke I finished Part One of the project, leaving Part Two and Part Three for another day.

Well, it’s another day later and my project is still laying in a heap on our record player, not yet done. Looking at it tonight, I realized, Danielle, you’ve got to stay on task this year. Part of BEing this year, must include following through, because how can I expect to BE at peace when all of my projects are only half done? When all of my ideas are only half thought? And even though I love the distractions and the serendipitous moments that pull me from my tasks, I’ve got to learn to go back to these projects and ideas– to finish them.

I circled around our office tonight and gathered my many to-do lists. Simplify. I know I must simplify. To not become overwhelmed, I’ve got to get things down to the essentials. So, I’ve edited and revised and made a plan for myself. This week, I’m getting things done. There’s no other way around it.

Tuesday: Make a loom with Sean

Wednesday: Paint planters.

Thursday: Buy soil.

Friday: Replant house plants. Hang new and FINISHED plant hanger.

Saturday: Drink coffee in living room, looking at my plants and putting my loom to use.

I had to make a great goal for myself. And coffee, at home, while looking at the fruits of my labor is the perfect motivating factor. Things will BE complete this week. I just know it.