I have been busy in this place this week! And I’m ready for the slow down of the weekend, aren’t you?

Seeing// My closest friend’s belly grow with their first little baby!

Hearing//Sean move around in his morning routine

Touching // Only what I can reach from bed

Smelling// My favorite: Dr. Bronner Soap

Tasting//Coffee from my favorite mug for the first time all week.


One of the best feelings in the entire world is coming home. It was a fun week away, but I am thrilled to be back in my own bed this morning. So thrilled, in fact, that I have decided not to leave. Sean was kind enough to bring me coffee, so I’m prolonging my ability to work from bed as long as possible.Why would I get out of bed if I don’t have to? Getting lots of things ready for the blog next week. Look for some new crafts, baby shower updates and a very green nanny-tip.

What will you be doing this weekend? There are so many things going on here in Grand Rapids. I hope I can get out of bed!


My Week in RED

Do you have a favorite color? A color that is always the first thing you see in any situation? I certainly do.

Ever since I was very young, I have had a thing for the color red.  No matter what I do, it will always remain dominate to my eye. So here’s a look at my week through my eyes, in red.

Hearts 2Cards1003photo (11)

What color will you be seeing this week in?

2013 Goals: 13 Things I Have Never Managed to Do

I have taken a blogging hiatus over the past two weeks, which while unfortunate, was needed in the face of sickness and traveling, visiting and holiday madness. One thing I have learned to do is juggle accordingly, and if I can’t do it all, then I have learned to focus on what MOST needs to be done. Unfortunately for me and my love of blogging, that meant I had to take a short break. But I am back, filled with new ideas and old ideas I’ve yet to share.

Excuses aside, I have been busy today with goal setting and brainstorming. I have decided that in 2013 I will do 13 things I have never done before. You know all of those moments when you sigh and say, “ugh, I have never done that before”? Well my life is filled with those moments and I am over it! So this year I will attempt 13 things I have never managed to do before and I can’t wait to share as I experience them. So here they are, all 13 of my Never-Have-I-Ever goals!

  1. Learn to use my grandma’s sewing machine that has been sitting in my closet. Specifically, I have been wanting to make pillows from old clothes and a quilt for my twin sister’s baby (due in March).
  2. Learn to cross stitch.
  3. Paint a piece of furniture yellow. I have always wanted to paint something yellow, but have forever been afraid of actually doing it!
  4. Create a dream catcher. For some time now, I have been pining over the idea of making a dream catcher from materials found in my parent’s backyard where I spent my childhood running around barefoot and wild. 
  5. Make 30 meals with Sean & keep accurate record of each- bad or good.
  6. Paint a picture on canvas.
  7. Read the 20 books on my book list.
  8. Run a race.
  9. Write a children’s book. While I have done this before, but it has been a long time and I am excited to try a different technique this time! 
  10. Record a song with Sean.
  11. Find 15 crafts on-line I have never done before and attempt my hand at them.
  12. Make a how-to-video on a craft I’ve created
  13. Keep up with my blog for an entire year. This is a big goal. I am the kind of person who becomes easily distracted and deterred. Sometimes it’s hard to think of things. Sometimes it’s easy to think of excuses. Sometimes it’s easy to give up; to feel like no one is reading, to question what is it all for? But if I persist, if I believe in myself, if I take pride in my talents and my writing abilities, THEN it will pay off. One year down the road, I will reassess, but until then, I am not allowed to doubt this venture. All I am allowed to do and to be is POSITIVE!

So there they are! The thirteen things I have never managed to do, but KNOW! BELIEVE! and feel CONFIDENT that I can do this year.  It is a year to surprise myself! And I am ready for the challenge; because above all else, this year is about learning: learning to look inward BEFORE I worry about outside opinions, learning to GROW as a writer, learning how to be a better photographer, learning how to reactive positively, before the negative can seep in; and best and most of all, learning to accept that everything I will be, is what I now know as “potential”. We create our own destinies, so let us all learn to always hope for the best in ourselves and to send the best energy we have to others, too.

What are your goals this 2013? Will you surprise yourself too?

In This Place

This place is warm inside and beginning to show signs of a late winter out. This place is having Sean’s hand interlocked in one of mine and a hot cocoa cocktail in the other. This place is filled with hope for sick loved ones and for those who just passed.  This place is loving the life we have right now & feeling extra excited for the future. This place is a celebrating friendships & appreciating the spontaneity our lifestyles allow. This place is acts of kindness and passing peace on….always passing peace on in this place….


Happy Sunday all! May peace find you in your woods, too.


Mmm… Monday//Juice

Juice, anyone?

Yes, please.

Sometime ago Sean purchased this juicer.  We love it- very much. Some people have animals and children– we have plants and a juicer. Typically Sean makes the juice for us. But last week, he wasn’t home and I wasn’t feeling particularly well, so I decided to break it out and try my hand at this juicing business. Dragging myself to the store down the road, I loaded my bag with as many fruits with high levels of Vitamin C as I could afford. Then home again, home again, jiggity-jig.

For this immune system kicker drink I used one grapefruit, two oranges and a mango.  And within an hour of drinking it, I was feeling some light years better! No medications needed–thanks Mother Nature!


Do any of my readers use a juice machine? What’s your favorite juice?

In This Place//Milwaukee Edition

This past weekend, Sean & I went to some good friend’s anniversary celebration in Milwaukee. They have always been powerful pillars in Sean’s life and it was exciting to finally meet them!  Side note: I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE Milwaukee, and was beyond thrilled to spend a weekend in this fun Midwestern city just across the lake. But more than anything, it was so refreshing to spend time with Sean after the madness that our lives have been recently. Most importantly we have found that no matter what place we are in, there is always love in this place.

Now, a short week around here before packing up again to head Up North for Thanksgiving.

Have a great week. XOXO