In This Place::: A Week @ Home

Even though I have a few more entries about our trip, I wanted to take a break from last week and focus on today. Because today is pretty great, too. Even though we aren’t on vacation anymore….plant on towel coffee on drum toolbox painting radiator basil canisterSettling into a morning routine.
Relaxing about life.
Staying present.
Remembering my purpose.
Remembering how to turn on a stove.
Fearing long drives.
Planning for the future.
Playing volleyball after dinner.
Unpacking still and probably forever.
Loving this newly engaged lifestyle.
Cooking with lots of basil.
Practicing yoga, again.
Browsing wedding dresses online.
Appreciating today and the opportunities in tomorrow.

Tomorrow will be good, too.

Our Week in the Upper Penninsula.

Last week, Sean and I took a few days off from work and headed North to the Upper Penninsula. Sean’s mom owns an incredible piece of property: the Northern Walkabout; that will soon host their amazing Cord Wood home. But, as with any powerful dream, there is a lot of work required to make it a reality. Their positive energy and work ethic, however, are encouraging and contagious, and after just one week of work, it’s clear to see this land is their home, whether their house is completed or not. It was so much fun to be a pat of the process, even if the mosquitoes ate me alive. wood pile on propertybrothers hammeringRoof and Blue SkiesIt took three days, three men and two tough women for the foundations and barriers of the house to come together. By the time I arrived on Wednesday afternoon, there was already a solid structure in tact. I couldn’t believe that just days prior all there had been was a mound of dirt.

Sean and Danielle working on house Kennedy Lake Ryan on roofIt had been years and years since I’d visited the Upper Penninsula of Michigan. We are certainly fortunate to be surrounded with such amazing land. I’ll be sure to post some more pictures I took later on this week! As for now, we’re happy to be home and getting excited to head back Up North soon to spend some leisure time at the Northern Walkabout.


Finally, Friday. Time to calm down, sit down and have some time with Sean!

farmer market findslilacmorning windowasaraguscross legged lemonadefloor shotAccepting that yes, there is no more snow in the forecast.

Enjoying my last week at 26 years old.

Sitting on a friend’s porch and laughing harder than I have in a while. 


Giving extra hugs in the afternoon.


Drinking coffee late into the afternoon.

Catching up with a great friend on his awesome blog.

Wanting to be home rather than out.

Indulging in asparagus for lunch and dinner.

Reading on the couch each night.

Finishing a special present for the twins’ birthday.

Spreading the picnic blanket in the backyard.

Providing consistency.

Relishing in the opening of the Farmers Market and FINALLY fresh produce!

Dreaming of a blue couch from the store where I bought my library cart.

Preparing for a great weekend!

Hope yours is filled with excitement, too.