This Nanny Loves///Kids Fall Craft Projects

Fall colors. Boots. Tea in the afternoon. Walks through the woods. This is what fall is when you’re a professional nanny. Trust me, I am not complaining! These things are the perfect recipe for great days. And last week, we attempted to bring it all together when we went on an adventure. I gave the kids a brown paper lunch sack with their initial on it. This was their bag and whatever leaves they wanted to put it in, they could. Through the woods we walked, looking on the ground for the prettiest leaves we could find. The forest floor was covered, which was lucky for us, with all sorts of reds, and oranges, yellows and even some left over green leaves. Some, as I was told, were even “tye-dyed” which was pretty exciting. Just how does Mother Nature DO THAT, we wondered aloud.

Days after our walk through the woods, we sat on the porch in the sunshine with paper, glue, sticks, tape and a tree trunk cut out. Then, I dumped the bag of leaves on top of them, making a not so neat swarm of leaves in the middle of us. I let the kids pick out their favorite leaves and together we glued and taped them on the tree trunks. Afterward, we took the circle moons I had pre-cut for them and glued them as the background of our trees. Once the tree trunks with leaves were attached to the paper, we let them dry before finding a very special place in the house to hang them.


This was definitely one of the more entertaining art projects that the pre-schoolers and I have done together. They loved that they were the ones to find the leaves and then incorporate them into a project. It was also fun and different for us to have an art project that extended throughout the week. We’re excited to see what we will be able to do with our leaf collection next!


Just Another Manic Monday…

….But I’m so glad it’s NOT Sunday! Unlike most of working America, I. Love. Mondays.

I love coming in and getting smothered with hugs because I’ve been missed.

I love two little pig tails and a super hero cape.

I love the pile of laundry that gets higher and higher because I don’t want to clean today, I want to play today.

I love looking out the window and hearing, “Da sun is out today!”

I love running up the steps at the playground and back down again before the little ones reach the bottom of the slide.

I love walking by the stream and listening to the flowing of the water and the chirping of birds.

I love throwing sticks into the water during a good game of “Pooh Sticks”.

I love sitting under a tree on our picnic blanket.

I love looking up at squirrels as we talk about what they could be thinking.

I love peaceful naps that follow a busy morning.

I love getting excited about their waking up to do our special Earth Day project!

I love all my days here, not just Mondays.

How is your Monday, friends?