Silver Linings

morning sunThere is a stop light on the road where I work, that if you hit at just the right moment, it seems to stay red forever. But the other morning when I got it, I wasn’t bothered. Not one little bit. In fact, I was pretty grateful once I came down the hill and saw this view. The clouds had been heavy with rain for many days in a row. I was beginning to feel like I couldn’t function anymore. Being trapped inside with two very busy three year olds was getting hard. I was just done with it all. Then, I got stopped at this red light. And as I looked into the sun, I realized life is pretty freaking amazing. The sun is out, I have a car that works, a job to go to, a finance to come home to, a bed to snuggle up in, and a coffee pot to give me fresh brew each morning. What did I have to complain about? So sitting there, I snapped this picture, as a reminder of how great life is. And it is true after all, that silver linings only come on cloudy days.


Making Me Happy

Sometimes when I’m feeling kind of “eh”, I need to take the time to remind myself of all the happy little things in my life. Do you ever do that? Give yourself a total reality check by pinching the positivity out of you? I know I definitely need to! Life is so good, so much of the time. And we only get one life to live, so we better live it and love it while we can.

Here are five things making my very happy these days! Take a look around, what’s your muse in life this June? Feel free to write your own entry and share it below. May all these happy thoughts spread from the internet and into our interactions with one another wherever we’re going today.

1. Sunshine.suni n the trees in pentwater

Sunshine. What’s not to love? I’ve been desperate need of a little more Vitamin D in my system, and it’s so great to get it naturally instead of by pill form. It’s so nice to wake up and go outside and NOT have to turn my heater on in my car. It’s so nice to have sunshine well past dinner. It’s so nice to have our morning snacks outside on the deck. It’s so nice to look up and have to put on sunglasses. Sunshine, you make me happy.

2. This life, in this apartment.Maxi skirt on rugIt’s been almost one year since Sean and I moved in together. Thankfully, I like him more NOW than I did then, which is spectacular news all around. As each month comes and goes, I can’t help but think how fun it is living with your best friend, gardening with your best friend, cooking and singing to the same music with your best friend. Sean makes this apartment a home. And this home and our family makes me so, so happy.

3. The Farmers Market. farmers market signThe past few Friday mornings have been spent with my old running partner, wandering through the Farmers Market. Since we have both taken a break from running, it’s been nice to connect on a different level. With growing relationships it is always fun to find the niche in your friendship. Mine and Nicole’s has definitely become banter, coffee and sharing meal ideas as we pass by great local foods. Overcome by the scents of food and people chatting next me, it’s hard not to smile. The Farmers Market is my Mecca of happiness here on earth. A sweet escape from the pain and instant happiness the entire time I’m there.

4. Reading.

john irving bookI’ve been working on A Prayer for Owen Meany for a very long time now. But the truth is, I don’t want it to be over. I like the way I have come to trust the characters. I appreciate the way I can come back to this book, again and again, and remember exactly where I left off. It’s nice to take your time with a novel. To let it reveal itself to you, rather than rushing through it just to say you read it. John Irving is the coolest. Keep writing– you make me ever so happy.

5. Michigan Summers.dune grass and the beachMichigan summers are a reward for the hell we suffer through during winters. We deserve these great beaches with clean sand and pure water after all that snow and cold. This weekend, after escaping with the girls to the beach for a few days, I can say without hesitation: SUMMER IS HERE and man, is it ever beautiful in Michigan. Looking around at the blues and greens popping from all of these neutrals fills me with happiness.

Oh happy day! Enjoy yours, too and pass it on!

Music and Philosophy

We listen to a lot of music around here. I’m a big hummer; always there is a tune in my head I have to share or I’m singing in an opera voice to the kids. Thankfully I live with a like-minded partner. Sean is always playing some instrument or beating his fingers against his desk, the kitchen sink, his thigh, the dresser…. pretty much anything that can make a beat line. And so we go on through our days, not so silently.

Wednesday was perhaps the first day of spring-like weather here in Michigan and the opportunity to run in the sunshine nagged at me all day. I had to get out and go! So, I laced up my shoes, put some of Sean’s favorite music on my i-pod and hit the sidewalk. What I found on that run, alone with my music and the sun at my back, was a simple moment of peace. Passing by a local shop window, I glanced at a little girl’s dress and caught my reflection beaming back at me. Life is so good. There aren’t any clouds today. I have feet that can take me where I want to go. The water we drink is unquestionably clean. And in that moment it dawned on me: we can choose to awaken the gladness in ourselves, to become aware of our happiness when it’s happening and to reflect with joy on it, or we can let it pass skies and treesI’ll choose the first option, and I hope you do, too. Let’s take more time today to dwell on all the good than we do to complain about the bad. I dare you.

Carry on and sing your happy little song, too.