I have been busy in this place this week! And I’m ready for the slow down of the weekend, aren’t you?

Seeing// My closest friend’s belly grow with their first little baby!

Hearing//Sean move around in his morning routine

Touching // Only what I can reach from bed

Smelling// My favorite: Dr. Bronner Soap

Tasting//Coffee from my favorite mug for the first time all week.


One of the best feelings in the entire world is coming home. It was a fun week away, but I am thrilled to be back in my own bed this morning. So thrilled, in fact, that I have decided not to leave. Sean was kind enough to bring me coffee, so I’m prolonging my ability to work from bed as long as possible.Why would I get out of bed if I don’t have to? Getting lots of things ready for the blog next week. Look for some new crafts, baby shower updates and a very green nanny-tip.

What will you be doing this weekend? There are so many things going on here in Grand Rapids. I hope I can get out of bed!

In This Place// Aman Park, Grand Rapids, MI


Sky at Aman Park

After a week of zero sun (and I mean that quite literally), we woke up Saturday afternoon morning to it dancing through our south-facing windows! Ready to celebrate, I quickly finished my coffee and Sean & I headed out to collect as much vitamin D as we could in this place.  With a great segment playing on NPR, we rode to the outskirts of Grand Rapids, where one of our favorite hiking trails is: Aman Park.

There is a river in this place that you follow through the woods. And there are trees to crawl across, hoping you will not slip into the frigid water below.  There are trees to climb.  And there is inspiration to be found for new games and books for children. There are conversations between the crunching of snow and laughter that sneaks through the trees in this place. Roots in Aman ParkSean and Danielle at Aman Park 2River at Aman Park 2River in Aman Park

Did you all get a chance to stop and play in the sun this weekend? It’s not too late! Have fun.

Hello From Nepal

Most of our close friends have come to accept our restless natures, but even so, our nomadic lifestyles remain misunderstood by many.  Interestingly, before Sean & I even met we had our individual wandering souls and minds, always thinking of elsewhere. (Which is exactly the reason we met in college at 26– we had other things to do first.) For me, Sean’s open mind, and his willingness and drive to explore cultures was a pivotal point of initial interest. He was the first person I ever met who thought as much about the world overseas as I did. From our first conversation on the bus, I identified with him and suddenly felt understood. It was in meeting Sean that I realized  whether or not the world understood my restlessness, I was not mad, this restless was a powerful aspect of myself. And now that Sean and I have joined forces, we have come to understand how fully world perspectives have become a trigger for our passions, behaviors and goals in life.

Since Sean and I have graduated and “settled down” we have been able to wrangle our gypsy thoughts and get to work full filling our give back bucket list. Everyone has certain things they want to do before they die, but for me and Sean the majority of our bucket list is centered on where to go next and how to give back to communities that have taken us in on our ventures.  This year we decided to help sponsor the education of a child living in Nepal. Collectively this made sense for us, since my true passion is working with children, Sean traveled in Nepal & completely fell in love with it, and because books changed our lives at an early age.

It was a powerful sign to us that in Grand Rapids there is a program called ANSWER. We are hoping that as we become more involved in this program we can begin to bring awareness  to our own community about the current conditions in Nepal.

This week, we received our first letter from the child we sponsor. As I sat on our couch and  read it aloud to Sean, the impact of what we were doing literally hit home for us.The excitement this child has to learn and the appreciation she has for this educational opportunity surpasses any I have seen in America.  While children here are often heard complaining about going to school, she drew us a picture of herself dreaming about learning and graduation.  It was beyond inspiring.


There are many ways that we each give back in our own communities and to others.  Our world becomes better by small actions and the giving of ourselves. This entry is simply about how Sean and I have chosen to pass our love on. And this Christmas season and in 2013 as well, I am excited to hear more stories about spreading peace from one community to another.

The Center of the Universe// Sunshine in November!

This morning, when I woke up & saw this streaming across my floor:

I knew that it was a sign for me to get up, get going & get outside!

The sun has been pretty scarce around here this week, so it was a might blessing to discover it so early on my day off! Off I went, Sean’s camera in tote, taking the long way to the Farmers Market.  Do you ever see those people walking & smiling to themselves and you wonder what are they so happy about? Well I can tell you what they are happy about because today, “they” are me; and today I am happy about life & feeling pretty fortunate to be here: in the Center of the Universe, because if it’s one thing I have learned in this life it’s that behind every dark shadow is sunshine.

Then back home again, for a day of cleaning with the windows open. And so, despite having to do things around here, I am happy to have the company, even if all it can actually do is peek through the windows.

In This Place

Life in this place…

We have been beyond busy this week, and so have the leaves! Falling from the trees, faster than I would like.  But we are taking the weekend to relax, laugh and enjoy being a young couple in the city.  With a new rug in the living room, bread in the oven and a pumpkin candle lit, I’d say we are pretty lucky right now.  Loving life, and Sean, and life in this place with Sean very, very much.