Baby Shower// Make Your Own Sandwich

Even though it’s my older sister’s baby shower today, I thought I would post some pictures of my twin sister’s baby shower (are you following all of this– it can be confusing, I know).  We had a lot of ideas of things we wanted to do for food, but in the end we decided to roll with a “make-your-own sandwich buffet”. And it was perfect! Just perfect! Make your own sandwich

Having a make-your-own- sandwich bar was a life savor idea. It made everything so easy for everyone! People weren’t obligated to eat food they didn’t like, which made everyone more apt to hit the food table early and come back for seconds. Also, it made preparation much easier since all we had to do was slice the veggies, meat and bread. Then we added some simple picnic sides and we were set.

And, because I’m naturally a freak about labeling things I had to make these mini-stork tags for all the food!
Bread with labels

And now, I’m off to another shower for another sister. Babies come soon! We’re all excited to meet you!

Up-Cycle Challenge: Paper into Christmas Decorations

Around the same time that my Grandma gave me a slew of old crocheting magazines, I also inherited pages beyond pages from an old cook book.  I’ve used the old pages for lots of things, but my pile seems to be endless! So I set a challenge for myself to incorporate them into Christmas decorations. Preemptively I made a bushel of ornaments, but since Sean has halted Christmas tree shopping until December, I was forced to use the papers in less obvious ways, sneaking a bit of the season into our apartment in a more mild fashion.

Making the pennant was quick and easy. To begin, I cut triangles from the paper. I then wrote each letter free hand with a red sharpie marker. Finally I taped each triangle to a piece of long twine. Personally, I like the effect that the text has peeking through the red.  I also tried a black market but wasn’t as impressed with the boldness it presented.  To hang it, I draped it over my window and stuck some tape on the back.

 Simple and imperfect, this up-cycled pennant brings a hopeful message of cheer to my favorite niche in our apartment.