The Art of Being Quiet

Today I am caring for my god daughter, who is just turning six months old, and who, reminds me what love is every time I watch her. When you’re watching a baby, everything you want to do, every plan you might have or idea you’re conjuring doesn’t matter. Babies don’t care that you want to make a pot of potato soup. Babies don’t care that you want to work on invitations. Babies don’t care that it’s rainy and you want to sit still and watch a movie on the couch. Babies just want what they want, when they want it. They want to kick their feet and laugh. They want to look at you when they’re sucking down their bottles. They want to smile when you don’t expect it. They want to cry because crying helps (kind of). They want to grasp their little doggy and put a squeaky giraffe in their mouth. That’s just how babies are. And it makes me very happy, you know?  Because it reminds me that even though I want to be selfish, for her I can be selfless. It gives me hope. Today, I realize that the one thing I really have to do is just be there for her. And even though that one thing is a big job; and it isn’t easy; and it’s sometimes hard to focus on it, when she closes her eyes and I look at her, I realize nothing is more important than loving her. Babies are just like that.

toysbaby char legsme reading to charlotteCharlotte on flower blanket

And while she sleeps, I’ll take the time to do what i need to do. And I will be very quiet at it. It’s never good to wake a sleeping bear!  Happy Friday all!

This Nanny Loves… The Zoo.

I love the zoo. Don’t you? And the zoo is always better with kids, and I mean lots of kids, in tote. Whenever I’m at the zoo with the kids I have a blast! And the more kids there are, the more fun it is. I love the chaos of it all. I love all the different reactions. I love that I have toddlers on ridiculous stuffed animal leashes so that they can explore without getting lifted or lost. I love getting ice cream after we see the animals because zoo days clearly require ice cream. I just love it all. It’s one of the moments I experience as a nanny that makes we excited to have kids of my own someday. (And yes, Sean, lots of kids.) Because more kids  = more fun.

Here were our favorite animals at the zoo. What exhibits do you stay the longest at during your visits?

flamingo feetPenguins at the zooThese sweet little birds always hold our attention spans the longest, making us laugh hard and stare longingly because “no, we can’t take them home with us today kids”. As I watch the kids at the zoo, looking at these animals, I see their little wheels turning and I wonder what they could be imagining? The zoo is a magical place for children. And yes, for nannies, too.

A Case of the Mondays

We had a really bad case of the Mondays. It was rainy. We were tired; of one another, of being inside, of everything about the day. I wanted to pull my hair out and I didn’t care how bad it would hurt. But I didn’t. Instead I decided to find something we could all do together. Typically when I’m bothered with the little ones I don’t try to take time away, instead I drop everything I have to do or should do and I dive head first into a game or activity with them. I don’t know why, but this always cures me. So I thought and thought, and then I remembered a post from my favorite blog last week. And like magic, our Monday turned right around. Ultimate forts have a way of doing that, you know?

tent fort

As they played I couldn’t help but snap a picture and send it to my mom. There were so many days when me and my siblings would work hard creating our ultimate fort. And our mom always let us keep it for days at a time. It became our home inside our home. We would pull our sleeping bags and flashlights in it, staying up late and sleeping in the next morning. It is a feeling I treasure. Wanting these kids to have that same nostalgic memory, I let them make a mess as big as they wanted inside. They built puzzles, we read stories in crazy voices, they told secrets and even watched a movie. And I still haven’t asked for them to take it down. Why would I? Truth be told, I kind of like it, too.tent tent top

Whats your best cure for Monday’s? And have you made a fort lately? I highly recommend it! They’re not just for kids. And be sure to stop over and check out my favorite blog today.

heat wave

When you’re a nanny on hot days, you only have one choice: fill up the kiddie pool, roll up your skirt and bring your coffee outside for the morning. And when they spray you with the hose, don’t complain! Just grab it and spray them back. Hey, it’s a Darwinian world– only the strong survive.
poolside nanny spraying me

Now turn off your computer and go play in the sun!

Hope you’re surviving the heat this summer. What are your nanny survival tips for the summer?

Books We Love

March was reading month. And we did a lot of it. But not because it was reading month, but instead, because we like to read. Childrens Literature has also been a passion of mine. In particular, I think it’s interesting that even at a young age, children will choose books whose characters & story they identify with. Lately, we have been gravitating towards some really great reads! And because they’re so great, I thought I’d pass them along to you. Perhaps you’ll see some common themes that relate to our life at The Green Egg.

Books we love1. Curios George Visits the Library. Marget & H.A Rey’s. We all know this little rascal has lot’s of stories to tell, but by far this story is our favorite. Whenever I read this story, I always change the word “librarian” to our favorite librarian’s name. It adds a sweet little touch that always makes the kids smile. Who doesn’t like reading tales of mischief that takes place at the library?

2. The Snowy Day. Ezra Jack Keats. This book started becoming popular with the kids once it started snowing. Honestly they didn’t care for it when the weather was nice, and neither did I for that matter. But as the snow piled higher and higher, this book kept finding itself in our pile of books. On a personal level, I love the illustrations in this book. And the simple language it is written in makes it easy for the kids to understand and love!

3. Too Many Toys. David Shannon. Okay, this one might be one of my favorites! I like the lesson behind it. I also like that when we are cleaning up, I can quote certain lines from it that makes the kids giggle. TOO MANY TOYS! For real though, I may be identifying with this book just a little too much.

4. Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day. Judith Viorst. The title explains the whole premise of this book. And oh when I found this classic in the basement, my nerdy heart lept with joy and I just had to bring it up for the kids! And it’s a very good thing I did, because one of us was very guilty of being an Alexander! Already I’ve read this book five times today. Thankfully, the lesson in the book translated well and no one had to move to Australia here! Not yet at least.

5. Olivia Forms a Band. Ian Falconer. I know these books are on the trend right now- but for a good reason. I love little Olivia Pig! She is an extroverted, fun little piggy that kids of all types can appreciate. This book is our favorite though! Probably because she’s a little creative, a little loud and a little over the top in it! Yes, I can relate to Olivia, too.

6. Pickle-Chiffon Pie. Jolly Roger Bradfield. I had never read this book until earlier this year. It is actually Boss Mom’s favorite, and in turn, her children adore it as well. It’s a sweet little story about love and following your heart, with great illustrations, and symbolic, silly names! I am going to be ordering this for my niece for her birthday– it’s definitely a book that should be shared with all children. Books we love 2What are your favorite books to snuggle up and read with kids? Please, share!

Monday Morning Rules

Monday mornings are slow around here. And why shouldn’t they be? When you’re two, what’s the rush? So, enjoy your Monday and slooowww down– way down, just like we do. It’s easy, you’ll see! Just follow these simple Monday morning rules.

1. Pajama time. This can last, well… all day. Why get dressed when you aren’t going anywhere?

2. Make fruit popsicles. We like to make our own popsicles to snack on. Whether it’s leftovers from our smoothies or our favorite juice, we are sure to make popsicles on Mondays so we are prepared for the week. The best thing about making your own popsicles is that you can control what sugar does or rather doesn’t get put into them!

3. Lounge as long as possible. Monday mornings, I get my kitchen chores done quickly! Then I plop it on the couch or floor with my coffee. I love sitting eye level with the kids for hours! The world is so great from their viewpoint, and you can only get that prespective when you take the time to sit down & slow down.

4. Look out the windows.  When it’s too cold to play outside, we look out the windows a lot. We’re like old ladies, if you want to know the truth. We check out what the neighbors are doing. We discuss what color the cars are driving by. We tell people to drive slowly, please! This is a neighborhood, jeesh! We talk about the weather– just where could the sun be!? We make up stories about squirrels. We brainstorm about what we will do in the summer! There are a lot of things outside your window you don’t even notice until you use your imagination.

5. Do the laundry. Yes, we do the laundry for fun. Okay, they do the laundry for fun! I do the laundry because it’s my job. But you will find that two years olds are very helpful when it comes to this chore. Didn’t you know? It’s very fun to throw dirty clothes in the washing machine. Then, when the laundry is finished in the dryer, they lay on the floor and I throw it on top of them. Nothing better than warm laundry to heat things up on winter mornings.


Take a minute to slow down this morning! Afterall, as the toddlers have taught me, it’s best not to rush through life, otherwise you miss you all the fun things.