Yes, But Who Dressed the Nanny?

Today I’m going to talk about fashion. Errrr.. well kind of… Insert hysterical laughter here.

You see, the kids I watch always look cute. Yes, even when their clothes don’t match and they have three different patterns on. It doesn’t seem fair sometimes. Because after getting their hair brushed, their teeth brushed, their shoes tied, we have to leave and there isn’t much time to pull myself together after all that getting ready. Okay, I know what you’re thinking, don’t you go to work ready? Well, yes, I do, of course. But after getting little ones ready, as any caregiver can vouch for, you tend to come a little unraveled at the seams. In my case, to put it honestly, I’m usually a mess. And even though the kids laugh at my crazy hair days and different socks, I can’t always find the humor. Hey, I’m not asking to look great, I just want to look human.

So how excited was I when I finally got on board the maxi skirt boat?! Seriously, this one little piece of clothing is a nanny’s dream for so many reasons. Like, 1.I feel super comfortable; 2. I can still play at the park and 3. I look like I actually got dressed (until people’s eyes get to my head and see my hair).

maxi skirt

Really though, the maxi skirt may be the one thing to change my life this 2013… is that shallow? Come on, other caregivers out there have to feel the same way, too, right?