Going Home and Blackberry Picking

Sean and I went home to visit my family this past weekend. It was one of the last weekends of summer in Michigan and Sean and I were anxious to spend it Up North, on the beach, with family, eating too much, staying in the sun too long, sitting by a bonfire late into the night, picking through rows of my parent’s garden, and laughing at my brother’s ridiculous comment after ridiculous comment. It was a summer from my childhood and I was so happy to share it with Sean.woods 2black berry 2 big blackberrywoods 1 alex and brit blackberry woods 3hand blackberry

By the end of the summer, I always need an outlet from the noise of the city. Heading North this weekend was the best prescription! One evening, we went over to my parent’s house and roamed their property, looking for blackberries. My brother had been raving for hours about how many blackberries he had picked the previous week and we were ready to challenge the truth of his tales. Off we went, up the hill, like we had done everyday of our childhood; my sister and I walking quickly to catch up with him, to have him show us what he found. Wandering the woods, we picked and picked until Sean’s shoe broke and our buckets were full. There are few better things in life than being with your siblings and smelling your parents cooking dinner on the grill, knowing from the scent that it is time to go home. No matter how old I get, the moment I step into their backyard, I feel grounded and safe. There is peace in their property.

“Isn’t it nice and quiet here?” Sean asked me one night as we walked back to our car from a bonfire, “Isn’t it nice?”

Yes, Sean, yes it is.

Happy Monday! Hopefully this peace of the weekend will carry over as we make it through our last week of vacation!