I Love… Snow Days

Okay, yes. I love snow days. It’s not always easy having all the kiddos home, but the conversation I get from the older two kids I watch is very much appreciated when you’re locked inside all day.  When you are a nanny, sometimes you just need extra company to break things up a bit. And today is one of those days for me.

So, what do you do to survive snow days?
Snowy green plant

Our top survival tricks include:

1.Chores. Yes, we all complain about them, but mopping can be fun. Especially when you do it together.  And it’s a good leverage tool– sure you can go to the neighbors, IF you mop the floor first!
2. Movie morning. We typically don’t watch TV a lot, but when the weather is gross and you want to stay in your PJ’s, a movie morning is just the ticket!
3. Lighten up. I lighten up on snow days. A lot. I let the kids get away with things I wouldn’t normally allow them to do. I say “yes” when it would normally be an “are you kidding me!?” I laugh when I shouldn’t. I am an easy target. Okay, in general, I pretty much agree to anything, IF our chores are done.
4. Reading. We get extra close & snuggly for some reading time. And I have the older two do some quiet reading in their rooms. Days are long when you’re locked inside, you’d  be surprised how much you can actually do!
Is it a snow day where you are? Are you loving the lock-down of it all?