little birdy finally hatched!

Welcome to the wide, wide world Sloane Alexandra. You are a perfect little birdy.

I couldn’t be more proud of my twin sister. Finally, she is a mama! And what a beautiful little baby she was keeping safe in her belly all those long months. Although, if we’re honest, it feels like Sloane has always been here. For our entire lives Brittany and I have been wondering what our children would be like, and now we don’t have to wait any longer (well, for her at least). It’s a different connection that I have with Sloane. It’s like she is a part of me and Brittany and the connection that we have. With Sloane, we feel better, bigger and happier. Without knowing it all those years, we were missing her. And now she is here and I can’t wait to watch her grow. Me and the Baby BirdWelcome to the crazy crew little one. You will always be loved.

Planning a Baby Shower// four weeks to go

My twin sister is having a baby in MARCH! Which means there is still a lot of growing & stretching. Which has me VERY excited. And which doesn’t leave us very long to plan a shower. To be exact, we have ONE month to pull this thing off.  It’s no surprise that I love planning showers!  But the most exciting thing about this shower, is that all of this is planning & plotting, crafting & cooking, is for my twin sister- my other half.  I can’t wait to meet our Little One! Whatever gender you are, whatever color eyes you have, whatever your laugh sounds like, you will be perfect. Our family is certainly growing and you will be the perfect little addition.  But until you get here, I had better get busy planning your welcoming party!

As we count down the four weeks until her shower, I thought that I would use this blog to:

1. help keep myself organized now & create a timeline later;

2. use it as a journal to share with her grown child later; and

3. post all of my DIY projects as I go along.

007Four Weeks: To-Do List

1. INVITATIONS! It’s polite to give     people at a month to plan. Mailed out Monday

2. PICK A THEME: What will the shower look like? What decorations should you find? How do you want it to feel? My friend, Kendra (who is my sister’s best friend) is my planning-sidekick. We decided that since my sister isn’t finding out the gender, we wanted to do a yellow & gray scheme. This is also the color of the nursery.  As for a “theme” we are tossing around the idea of “shower” as in rain shower.  We are hoping to start looking for decorations this weekend.

3. BOOK A VENUE: Where will you host it? Put a deposit down before you mail out your invite.  CHECK!

Going into the weekend I am happy that most of my to-do list has been checked off.  There is a pending snow storm heading our way and I ready for the lock-down of winter to inspire my creative-self to start making decorations! Time to curl up & get to work!

I’m so happy to have a project to keep me occupied until Little One finally comes!