Baby Shower Invitations Take TWO

Now that the shower is over, I can post the invites I sent out for my older sister’s baby shower! By far, these were more challenging than the invitations I made for my twin sister’s baby shower. But even with all the hours and mistakes and fixes and learning experiences, they were totally worth it! After all, what wouldn’t we do for our sisters? Plus, I wasn’t actually involved in planning anything else for the shower, so I was able to dedicate a lot of time into this project until they were just perfect!

The invitations were done on varying pieces of scrap book paper. I also inserted the library due date card with the shower information on the inside. I wanted the invites to look as bookish as possible, and by the time I was finished they definitely were!

Paper ChoicesCut in halffinished card and pocket angledBottom of inviteFull Invite Sarah's Shower

The most important thing was that my sister loved them! She’s already put the one I mailed her into his baby book! I can’t wait for him to grow up big and healthy so we can make our own arts and crafts projects together!

Baby Shower// Make Your Own Sandwich

Even though it’s my older sister’s baby shower today, I thought I would post some pictures of my twin sister’s baby shower (are you following all of this– it can be confusing, I know).  We had a lot of ideas of things we wanted to do for food, but in the end we decided to roll with a “make-your-own sandwich buffet”. And it was perfect! Just perfect! Make your own sandwich

Having a make-your-own- sandwich bar was a life savor idea. It made everything so easy for everyone! People weren’t obligated to eat food they didn’t like, which made everyone more apt to hit the food table early and come back for seconds. Also, it made preparation much easier since all we had to do was slice the veggies, meat and bread. Then we added some simple picnic sides and we were set.

And, because I’m naturally a freak about labeling things I had to make these mini-stork tags for all the food!
Bread with labels

And now, I’m off to another shower for another sister. Babies come soon! We’re all excited to meet you!

Baby Shower (or Bath) Punch Recipe

We really wanted our punch bowl to mirror the rest of the baby bath theme! Our solution: make it look like there were bubbles. And of course, add some rubber duckies, too.
Close Up Punch Bowl
To make this punch, I used a friend’s recipe that typically calls for raspberry vodka. But since we weren’t drinking, we went sans vodka in the punch and it was just as good!

Baby Bath Punch Recipe
2 bottles Ginger Ale
1 pint raspberry sherbet
1 package frozen raspberries
2 Rubber Duckies
Entire Punck Bowl
A fun way to add a little extra punch to your party, wouldn’t you say?

Make Your Own Library Due Date Cards

Libraries used to have due date cards. I remember them. Do you? Once you found the book you wanted to check out, the librarian would stamp the due date on the little card to  remind you when to return it. Next, she would stick the card into a pocket, which was stuck to the inside cover, then close the book and hand it back to you. It was a small process, but after she closed the book and slid it back to you, she would always smile and say something kind about you & reading. These moments are deeply seeded in my childhood memory bank. They are also a part of my older sister’s memory bank as well, and try as we might we can’t understand why they ever stopped using those little due date cards!

While I have mentioned that my twin sister is pregnant, I haven’t yet mentioned that my older sister, Sarah, is also due to have her first baby in April! Yes, we are quite busy and no, I am not expecting!! After the fun that I had making my twin’s baby shower invitations, I volunteered to make my older sister’s invites as well.  She is having a baby book  themed party, so I knew immediately that I would attempt to incorporate the due date cards into the invitations, somehow, someway!

I will be sharing the entire invitation later this week, but for today, I thought I would share a DIY tutorial on how to make the library due date cards and pockets.

The first thing I did was scour on-line for templates to use. I wanted to figure out how to make the pockets. I knew they would be similar to the envelopes I had made before, and I was right. After looking at a few different options, I printed off this due date pocket template. I traced it, then cut out my own, making it slightly larger than the original template because I knew my cards were not going to be the same size as the ones they had on this site. The only reason I didn’t use this site’s due date cards was because I wanted a more authentic typewriter font.

pocket 1

For the pockets, I decided that I would use recycled children book pages that I had in my collection. I had wondered what I would do with all those dinosaur pages and was excited to finally give them a purpose. All I had to do was trace my template onto the pages, cut, fold and glue the ides together.

pocket 2

Then, all I had to do was make my library due date cards. After looking at some online I found this one to download and alter. I altered a few things on this card, like the wording for each section, as well as the lines because I wanted them to be thicker in order to show a better contrast. I typed in the basic information of the shower, like the place & time, in Courier New to give it the effect of typewriter. The rest of the information will be elsewhere on the invitation.

finished card and pocket angledThen, I was done. It was exciting to pop the cards in the pocket and then pull them out again! I hope everyone else will feel the same nostalgic satisfaction when they get the invites in the mail.

finished card and pocket 2

Handmade Baby Shower Invitations

I’ve been meaning to post these for sometime– here are the handmade invitations (& steps) that I created for my sister’s baby shower.  Enjoy!006

1.Choose a color & pattern pallet to use. We are doing a yellow & grey theme for the shower, so I wanted to use all types of patterns using at least one or both of those colors. I was okay with having different patterns for the invitations.


2. Choose a design layout. I knew originally that I wanted a stork on the card. We call my sister, Bird, so I had to put some kind of bird on the invite itself.  And what’s a more appropriate bird than a stork?? I tried different designs for days and in the end, I liked this one the best. So, I quartered a piece of 8×10 white paper and drew my final design on one of the quarters.


Trace Invitation

3. I traced by design onto vellum paper. I thought about scanning and printing them each, but in the end I decided to do them all by hand. There was something really exciting about knowing every invitation I sent out was unique and made just for the recipient. Tie papers together

4. Put the cards together.  Next, I punched a hole in the vellum & the pattern patter and tied them together with twine.

And that’s all it took, folks!  Completed Invitation

I was really proud of the invitations when they were completed! They were just what I had envisioned. Without a doubt, I would do invitations this way again; simply because it was so methodical just trace, punch, tie. Trace, punch, tie.  Trace, punch, tie.  It was time-consuming, but thoughtfulness always trumps time! And, in the end, when my sister called and said how much she loved them, that was all that mattered!

Have you ever created handmade invitations before? What did you do?

Planning a Baby Shower// four weeks to go

My twin sister is having a baby in MARCH! Which means there is still a lot of growing & stretching. Which has me VERY excited. And which doesn’t leave us very long to plan a shower. To be exact, we have ONE month to pull this thing off.  It’s no surprise that I love planning showers!  But the most exciting thing about this shower, is that all of this is planning & plotting, crafting & cooking, is for my twin sister- my other half.  I can’t wait to meet our Little One! Whatever gender you are, whatever color eyes you have, whatever your laugh sounds like, you will be perfect. Our family is certainly growing and you will be the perfect little addition.  But until you get here, I had better get busy planning your welcoming party!

As we count down the four weeks until her shower, I thought that I would use this blog to:

1. help keep myself organized now & create a timeline later;

2. use it as a journal to share with her grown child later; and

3. post all of my DIY projects as I go along.

007Four Weeks: To-Do List

1. INVITATIONS! It’s polite to give     people at a month to plan. Mailed out Monday

2. PICK A THEME: What will the shower look like? What decorations should you find? How do you want it to feel? My friend, Kendra (who is my sister’s best friend) is my planning-sidekick. We decided that since my sister isn’t finding out the gender, we wanted to do a yellow & gray scheme. This is also the color of the nursery.  As for a “theme” we are tossing around the idea of “shower” as in rain shower.  We are hoping to start looking for decorations this weekend.

3. BOOK A VENUE: Where will you host it? Put a deposit down before you mail out your invite.  CHECK!

Going into the weekend I am happy that most of my to-do list has been checked off.  There is a pending snow storm heading our way and I ready for the lock-down of winter to inspire my creative-self to start making decorations! Time to curl up & get to work!

I’m so happy to have a project to keep me occupied until Little One finally comes!