Thoughts on Our Sudden Move

My lull in writing in this blog can be attributed to life becoming unexpectedly busy. Sean called me some afternoons ago mentioning a house for rent. While we had briefly discussed the idea of moving from our complex, it wasn’t an idea I was actively pursuing. However, tired of the neighbors upstairs and weary from crating groceries as Sean was, and fueled from hearing my complaints of a laundry-machine-less home, Sean, unbeknownst to me, had been scouring rentals for some weeks. So, when he called about a home for rent, I was instantly surprised and super curious. Sean is certainly a doer and he certainly never says anything without strong intention. Knowing this, I took his interest to heart and said, “yeah, sure. Let’s drive by.” Which, we did later that night. And after seeing and loving, we expedited our opportunities by nagging the rental placement agency until they promised to allow us to be the first to look at it. Which was all it took: that one look inside, for us to know that we had to have this house to grow in our first years of marriage.

I believe in feelings and first glances. That is, after all, how I knew Sean was the one for me. Why would our first little home be any different?

We spent last week moving and unpacking, and now with only my wedding dress, a tall plant, and some various boxes waiting to be moved from our old apartment, I can say with certainty that this new house already feels like home. Tonight, Sean and I will head to our apartment to clean and gather our lingering possessions. It will be sad to walk out. I always think about the last episode of Mary Tyler Moore when they close the lights on the newsroom. Moves always feel that way to me: sad, but thoughtful. I know I’ll get sentimental about our first apartment in the city, that’s just who I am. It was the place Sean came back to me after a long summer abroad. It was the place we had our first disagreement. It was the place Sean played his guitar late into the evening each night. It was the place I hosted parties and showers for my best friends. It was the place we learned patience, where we grew fresh tomatoes, where we sat for dinner each night. It was the place I found peace in the quiet mornings. It was the place we came to after our proposal. It was our place. But I will be ready, when the lights turn off in our apartment, to head home to our cute new home. Because we have a new place now, for new memories and room for growth.


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