The Experience.

I have a friend, Kate, who says that relationships are like travel: an experience. She talks about Paris and how when when she goes to Paris, she gets the “Paris experience”. People should be like that, too, she thinks; that when we come into a friendship or a relationship, we should embrace people for who they are like we embrace cities for what they are. We’d do a lot less judging she thinks. And I think she’s probably right. Sometimes I spend too much time worrying about people’s actions. I get annoyed with people. I forget that maybe they could be thinking I’m annoying, too. Which I can be, I’m sure. Probably we all are in different ways.

But her theory got me thinking about my own friendships. I have a lot of good people in my life. I appreciate the experience they each offer. This November I want to show my joy for the ride their friendships offer. It won’t be hard. If it’s hard I’m doing something wrong. If it’s hard it means I’m not present in my experience with them.

I want to be a welcoming city people visit. I want return visitors. I must ask myself what kind of environment I’m creating and remind myself to stay present and enjoy the scenery. I think this challenge will be exciting. What to join the experience, too?008Birthday dinner at Cinco de Mayo062004


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