MidWest vs OutWest Nanny Challenge::: Halloween Tips from Nannypology

Hey guys and happiest of Halloweens from America’s two coolest nannies, Danielle & Erica! Okay, maybe that was a narcissistic title dub, but it has to be pretty close to the truth, right? To get us all in the Halloween spirit this rainy day, I’ve invited Erica, all way from Sunny California’s Nannypology, over to the Green Egg to share her thoughts on Halloween as seen through the eyes of a nanny. I hope you enjoy her take on the madness as much as I did. And be sure to pop over to her site and check out my Halloween craft and then read on into her world.Picture 175  Halloween, Nannyween

Ahh, fall. What a great time of year. The fall colors are rampant, the brisk breeze is blowing, and everyone is getting ready to snuggle down for winter. It’s a peaceful time!

Wait, what? Not in MY world! In my world, the world of a nanny, fall equals Halloween. Halloween is anything but peaceful. Let’s try this again.

The kiddos are waiting in anxious anticipation, the candy is flowing from every direction, the baby is hating her itchy costume, her sister isn’t sharing the ghost stickers, she WILL NOT wear that hat…

What a peaceful time indeed!

Don’t get me wrong, I love Halloween… it’s one of my fav holidays in fact! But Halloween with kiddos is a different animal. I know we want the darlings to be dressed to the nines, adorable but sometimes… it just isn’t in the cards people! I know they’re children and let’s let ‘em party, I totally agree… but sugar addicts aren’t cute!

Here are some “rules” no… “tidbits” that can make Halloween just that much easier for us nanny types:

  1. Dress up for COMFORT rather than CUTENESS. (Complainy McGees don’t have fun.)
  2. Prep the “you can only eat candy until next Sunday” talk months in advance.  We don’t need sad kiddos when the candy mysteriously disappears. (Don’t lie mommies and daddies, we all know you want to toss it quick!)
  3. Dress for WARMTH rather than CUTENESS (especially here in San Francisco!)
  4. Pack all the Halloween crafts into one week, no lingering zombies please! Thanksgiving and Christmas are around the corner, each holiday should only get a week, amiright??
  5. Dress for CUTE not SCARY! Wait… am I being contradictory here? Who cares… they all apply. We don’t need terrified 2-year-old afraid to talk to their blood & guts cousin!
  6. If the kiddo is scared to go in the haunted house, don’t make them go in!
  7. Dressing for their age, aka No Miley Cyrus’.
  8. HAVE FUN! It’s supposed to be fun, not stressful. If the kid doesn’t like the bunny ears… who cares! Maybe he’s an earless bunny. Point is, it’s not about the photo op (always); it’s about the fun.


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