DIY 1920’s Centerpieces

We decided to roll on with the 1920’s theme from my friend’s bridal shower into her bachelorette party. Although it’s still a week away, these next few days ahead seem to be the busiest of my month, and so, I have been forced to start my decorating & planning a little earlier than normal. Here’s a little glimpse at the centerpieces and flower arrangements I have been creating.

vases 1 vases 2 vases 3 vases 4

I used all of the old dried flowers from my sister’s wedding. To create them, we used all of the old flowers and grasses that we could salvage from my grandma’s old wreath-making craft bins—-score! Then, my aunt happened to send over some empty tequila glass containers she’s been saving. What says 1920’s more than alcohol, right? It was a simple combination, I couldn’t ignore.  I can’t wait for it all to come together! Is it Friday yet?


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