October::: Time

Phew! And just like that we blink and October is almost half-way through. How did that happen?  Last year, at this time, I was getting ready for my sister’s wedding. I remember thinking, how is my sister getting married? How? And now, one year later, I am addressing my own save-the-dates. I would not have guessed that for myself last year! No way.

Last year, at this time, I was still adjusting to the newness that follows moving in with your partner. This year, our lifestyle and patterns are defined. We know our bad habits and can work through the messes. We still eat dinners together each night. We are very happy being a family of two in our apartment in the city (well, maybe we have a slight itch to start looking for a new place, but that’s okay). Last year, I was thinking all about the number three, but this year, I am thinking two is just right. Two is me and Sean and that is enough right now.

Last year, the twins were sleeping two hours in the afternoon and there were toys strewn form here to there that they couldn’t and wouldn’t pick up on their own. This year, there is pre-school in the mornings, an hour nap in the afternoon and fun, pick-up your toy songs to inspire them to help a poor nanny out! Last year, they were adorable. This year, they still are. Last year, I was thinking, how could I live without seeing these faces everyday? This year, I still ask myself that same question, every single day. This year, I am still happy to be a full-time Nanny. I couldn’t imagine my days any other way.

Last year, I was only an auntie to two sweet little nieces. But, secretly, I was taking phone calls from both of my sisters who had little ones growing deep inside, stretching and taking form in their bellies. We weren’t telling people though, it was a secret that was growing deep inside of me, KILLING ME! This year, I have three beautiful nieces, one hilarious nephew, a cuddly little god-daughter and a new dog-niece out West. This is probably the coolest difference between this year and last. I love seeing my family grow around me. This baby boom of a year was beyond incredible.

Last year, I was wondering what was ahead of me. I was thinking, what will this year bring? And how will Sean & I progress? Where will we will live and how will we change? This year, I don’t have any questions. I know dates and times we have big occasions. But mostly, I know Sean & I will be together through it all, good bad & ugly, and that is enough for me. This year, like last, I was very, very happy. Before falling asleep last night Sean said, “Life is so good, Danielle. We are so lucky.” I can’t help but agree.

I love October. Every year.

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