Things on Tortilla #7/// Vegetarian Greek Burritos

Hey guys, guess what? Sean and I still love wraps. burrito 3Who::: Again, just me and Sean. Maybe we will have guests over some night. But until then, it’s just us.

What::: A greek salsa (if there is such a thing as “greek salsa”) which was basically just a mixture of chick peas, fresh tomatoes, cucumbers, carrots & red peppers that was coated with a Greek Vinagarette and topped with a little pepper.  I also made a rosemary quinoa to add a little more filling to our burritos and we used hummus as a spread.

Where::: Our dinner table that is slowly being taken over with squash and other fall veggies.

When::: A Monday after Sean and I had our weekly yoga class.

Why::: I love chick peas. burrito 2burrito 1Is it bad that I’m already thinking about dinner this morning? Have a good Tuesday, friends.


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