The Art of Being Quiet

Today I am caring for my god daughter, who is just turning six months old, and who, reminds me what love is every time I watch her. When you’re watching a baby, everything you want to do, every plan you might have or idea you’re conjuring doesn’t matter. Babies don’t care that you want to make a pot of potato soup. Babies don’t care that you want to work on invitations. Babies don’t care that it’s rainy and you want to sit still and watch a movie on the couch. Babies just want what they want, when they want it. They want to kick their feet and laugh. They want to look at you when they’re sucking down their bottles. They want to smile when you don’t expect it. They want to cry because crying helps (kind of). They want to grasp their little doggy and put a squeaky giraffe in their mouth. That’s just how babies are. And it makes me very happy, you know?  Because it reminds me that even though I want to be selfish, for her I can be selfless. It gives me hope. Today, I realize that the one thing I really have to do is just be there for her. And even though that one thing is a big job; and it isn’t easy; and it’s sometimes hard to focus on it, when she closes her eyes and I look at her, I realize nothing is more important than loving her. Babies are just like that.

toysbaby char legsme reading to charlotteCharlotte on flower blanket

And while she sleeps, I’ll take the time to do what i need to do. And I will be very quiet at it. It’s never good to wake a sleeping bear!  Happy Friday all!

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