This Nanny Loves…Back to School

I’m so excited to have Erica from back with us today! Her tales of nannying for a family of four in California, always strike a chord of truth with me as I nanny for a family of four in Michigan. And, in honor of sending our kiddos back to school, she’s compiled a list of the reasons why nannies love this time of year. Thanks, Erica! I look forward to reading you each day!
Back to school! Back to school! Who would’ve thought that one day I would become partial to this time of year? Sure, as a kid it was kinda exciting to start school, for like a day, then you were NOT excited anymore. But oh how that has changed!
As a nanny, I have been anxiously awaiting this day ALL. SUMMER. LONG. Don’t get me wrong. I love Summer and all the fun activities that come with it. I also enjoy enjoy getting to spend more time with the big kiddos, who are usually at school and/or activities most of the time during the school year. Summer is awesome, of course, BUT (and it’s a big but) my workload more than doubles in the summer! That’d be hard for anyone to swallow. Imagine if you had twice as many clients for 3 months out of the year. Yeah, you feel me now.
 So here are the Top Five Reasons, this nanny loves Back to School!
1. I can be less creative.
Hmm. That sounds kinda bad. But it is hard thinking of projects for 40 solid hours every week for 4 girlies of different ages. That is a lot of outside work and prep. I love thinking of great projects for the kiddos to do, but I am done and ready for their teachers to do it.
2. Routine. 
This is a huge one. With so many moving parts, routine is imperative. I love knowing exactly where everyone is and when. Soccer for #1 on tuesdays, check! Ballet for #3 on wednesdays, check! Music class for #4 on thursdays, check! It’s black and white and I am a rockstar when things are in order. You’ve never seen anyone get four kiddos dressed and in order quicker!
3. No more swim days. 
Sounds bad, I get it. But have you ever tried to get four girls in and out of their swimsuits, brush their tangled hair, deal with their tired hunger complaints, apply goopy sunscreen, all the while trying to do the same for yourself? Try it, I dare you. It’s freaking tough and not enjoyable. One kiddo, sure, that would be fun. But it’s basically like herding wet goats and I am not a farmer.
4. Early bed times.
I can remember loving getting to stay up late during the summer. It’s awesome and it’s a right of passage. Fine. But I am super excited for their little sleepy heads to be a little more cheery in the morning. They need their sleep and it makes everyone’s life easier. We’re all stricter during the school year and if they could, I am sure they’d thank us for it (right?)
5. Kiddos that are excited to learn.
See? I am not all ‘Negative Nancy’! I really enjoy seeing the kids excited about what they’re learning, their first soccer practice, learning to tie their shoes, their first day at preschool ever (for one this year!), and more. It’s necessary and normal to get a mental break in the summer, but those minds need more stimulation and we all love it! It’s exciting to learn, and I’m excited to witness it!

3 thoughts on “This Nanny Loves…Back to School

  1. It’s amazing how somehow reading my stuff on another site makes it look so much more official! Thanks again for the idea and being awesome!

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