My Favorite Things… Giant Metal Chicken Chalkboard

When I saw the giant metal chicken chalkboard in the store front window, I wanted to take him home. But I didn’t. It was winter and snowing and the thought of having to haul him upstairs was too much work for me. So I left him there. I kept my eye on him, though. I would wander in and say “hello giant metal chicken chalkboard” from time to time. He always wanted to come home, but I didn’t bring him home. Then, I would get home and be sad. I would wonder if he liked the darkness of the shop once the shoppers were gone and the shop keeper had turned out the lights, eager to go home and eat dinner with her family. Perched in the window sill he would watch the people wander down the sidewalk at night. Was he watching for me? Waiting for me to come get him? Probably, I would tell Sean, “Probably giant metal chicken chalkboard is looking out that window thinking “”where’s Danielle?”” Sean would just shake his head.

Then, over a squash and pepper pizza dinner with Sean in early August, I went on and on about the giant metal chicken chalkboard again; about how perfect he would be not only in our apartment, but also as a decoration for our picnic wedding. This was different diatribe than I had before, because I had the added the use of “for our wedding”. I thought it was an original idea to incorporate my love of chickens into our picnic themed wedding. I thought how cute to put my chicken collection all over the farm. I thought, if I love all my chickens that much, shouldn’t they be at our wedding?  What I didn’t think was that Sean was listening to me.

But he was.

When I came home the next day there was a beautifully written love note on top of a big flat box in our entry way. It was a hot day and I had burst into the apartment, sweating and exhausted. Seeing that note turned my day right around. I went into the kitchen where Sean was drinking a smoothie and listening to reggae, gave him a kiss and called him a  sweetie pie. He kissed my forehead and said, “but you didn’t even open it,” as he lifted the flat box and brought the gift into the middle of our living room. Much to my surprise, inside the package was my giant metal chicken chalkboard. I did a little dance around our apartment, saying “isn’t he just the cutest!?” and “aren’t you happy to finally be home giant metal chicken?” Sean said probably he was.

chx 1                         (Pardon my dirty floors).

The manager of the store where the giant metal chicken formally resided happens to be a close friend of mine. Later that night she called and said, “I love your fiance. You are one lucky girl.” To which I said, “I know,” because I really do know just how lucky I am. And now the chicken is lucky, too. Because he has a new home, with us.

chwx 2Welcome to family giant metal chicken chalkboard. We’re so happy you’ve joined us.


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