On Our Roadtrip/// Harrisville, New Hampshire

The final and actual destination for our trip out East, despite our stops along the way, was Harrisville, New Hampshire. We were there for three days, celebrating the marriage of Sean’s older brother and wife. It was pretty amazing. All of Sean’s lifelong friends were there, in one house, playing games, preparing meals, sharing old stories, making new stories, setting the tables, manning the grill, watching the sun set, practicing yoga, basking in the hot tub, admiring the mountains, taking walks, watching little goats prance, dancing, camping, hiking through the woods, sharing an experience we will never forget. It was so much fun to get away and simply be! We didn’t have to work or worry, we just had to be present, to celebrate, to love.  yogamountain top viewme and sean on hill   fencesean adn smilingyellow flowers in field tree at sunsetI’m hoping this week away will lead to a regular trip somewhere each year with this group of friends— that we can take time for each other once a year, no matter how crazy life can get for us (because dang, being in a house with all of these people was one hilarious experience!). I already take a weekend each summer with my girlfriends and I know what a relief it is to have our special trip each year. Hopefully this trip is the start of a great tradition! Do you and your knit of friends have fun traditions?

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