More Travel Stories…Niagara Falls

If you are driving from Michigan to New Hampshire, halfway there is Niagara Falls. Very convenient for Michigan travelers. What better place to stretch your legs and spend the night than here? falls close up of falls sean and i at falls rainbow at niagraWe had wanted to take the boat ride at the Falls. Okay, I had really wanted to take the boat. It was kind on the top of my most-do list. But unfortunately I feel ill and wasn’t able to muster the strength for it. We made the best of it, though. Took some pictures, got sprayed by the mists and smiled about how kind Mother Nature was to bring the sunshine and rainbows for our visit. Then we got back in the car and I slept until I was rudely awoken by a pothole– a clear indication we were back in Michigan.

Next time I’ll ride the boat! For now, I’ll enjoy the memories of what we were able to do.

Happy Monday, friends.

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