Settling into Reality

Settling into the reality again. It’s never easy, no matter how long you’re gone. But I’m thankful for homemade meals and rainy mornings to sit on the couch with the kids, for sunny afternoons and a new volleyball to play with together, for coffee that I made, for being able to check on my plants again, for Sean coming home, for my car to be clean again, for the adventure we had, for all the pictures we took, for the way our relationship grew, for home being in THIS apartment, for those terrible Michigan roads (pot holes and all) indicating we are almost back, for seeing the mountains in Vermont, a rushing river along the highway and a wondrous water fall, for being able to cross borders without fear, for having the opportunity to leave, for yoga with my girlfriends, for the peace I found even though I was so far away from normal. For all of the memories I made last week, I am beyond grateful. And I’m happy to be home. Returning to work with the kids. Returning to Grand Rapids. Returning to reality again.


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