Things on Tortilla #4::: Fish Tacos

The other day I went to a restaurant and didn’t order the fish tacos. I got a stir fry instead. Now the stir fry was good and all, but I left the restaurant wanting those tacos. So less than three days later, I found myself in my kitchen, trying my hand at making this meal to squelch my craving. Thankfully, it was a victory. And we got to eat outside, which makes Mexican Food taste better no. matter. what.

How I made my batter:
1/2 cup Dos Equis beer
1/2 cup flour
1 tsp chili powder
salt and pepper, to taste.

I first stirred chili powder, salt and pepper into my flour. Then, slowly I added the beer. Next, I took a sip of the remaining beer and stirred the batter simultaneously. I’m sure this helped the process. I let the batter sit for about fifteen minutes.

Meanwhile I warmed my tortillas. These are our favorite tortillas! They’re so awesome!

As the tortillas were cooking, I made a quick batch of “cheaters guacamole” by simply gutting two avocados, smashing them and adding pre-made salsa to it. This salsa is our favorite.

I also made a veggie filling to put in our fish tacos. How I made my veggies:
I fried 1/2 yellow pepper and 1/2 red pepper together with a clove of garlic, some chili powder, oregano and a half-cup of corn. Once this was mostly cooked, I added a handful of spinach.

side by side tacosNow for the fun part! How I cooked my fish and batter:
I warmed up about one inch of olive oil in a pan.  As it warmed, I cut my fish into small pieces. Then, I dabbed them each in flour, before coating them in my batter. After which, I put them in the oil for about four minutes.  When they were done, I piled them up on a tray and we went out to the picnic table for a picnic dinner. fried fishIt was a super windy night out, but we appreciated the cool down that the evening breeze brought to the Mid-West.  Together, we sat under a tree and ate our fish tacos very gladly. And I like to think they were better than the tacos on the menu at that ol’ restaurant.picnic treefish taco


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