Planning Our Wedding::: Searching for a Venue

The day after Sean proposed, I went a little crazy. I started drawing pictures and printing images I’d long ago saved on my computer. Some people dream about their weddings for a long time and know just what they want once they are engaged. I am one of those people. The moment I started compiling these images was when I realized: holy crap! This is my wedding, not someone elses. And after always being the bridesmaid many times, I was ready to start feeling like a bride.

So I drew a simple picture of what I wanted our ceremony to look like. And I have been carrying it in my purse since then, wondering if I would ever find the place out there that matched it. And the good news is, I did. And I found it at our first stop!

We went to visit our venue, a farm and winery in Northern Michigan, which happens to belong to a friend’s family. We tasted their wines and ciders as my good friend and their wedding coordinator, Kendra, told us the history and details of the property. When at from behind the bar she grabbed a handful of pictures that had been taken from a previous wedding. As I took my last sip of blueberry peach cider, and Kendra she asked, “what do you want, Danielle?” I grabbed my picture from my purse. Placing it on the bar, next to a photograph she had given me,  we gasped, “It’s exactly the same picture!” (But of course my Dad pointed out, there were no stick people in the real photograph). And we went outside to tour the property.

barn porchceremony site side of barnd and s at DV garageAnd as we toured the property, the picture in my mind and on that crinkled piece of paper, came to life. I saw Sean and me getting married there, I imagined myself in a white dress, I felt large, red butterflies flying around my stomach and I couldn’t stop saying, “we’re getting married!” Because sometimes when you’re excited, you can’t help pointing out the obvious. I just can’t wait to marry Sean, and I especially can’t wait to marry him HERE, in this place, next summer.


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