OUTwest vs. MIDwest Nanny Challenge

Hey Readers! I’m excited to have swapped blogs with Nannypology today for an OUTwest vs. MIDwest Nanny challenge::: A Day in the Life of a Nanny! Erica writes a great blog here that you have to check out. She’s always sharing tales from Nanny-land that anyone who has a child, or has helped raise a child can relate to 100%. Today she’s sharing a day in her hilarious nanny life with us at The Green Egg, while I’m sharing a day in my Nanny Life on Nannypology. Thanks for stopping and be sure to pop over to California when you leave here!

Hey All, It’s Erica, from way across the country… Every day, it’s four kiddos, the great city of San Francisco, and me. Let’s do this!

6:27: *beep beep beep* that freaking annoying alarm goes off, and I want to cry.

6:37: *beep beep*…. OK! OK!
Just kidding, SNOOZE!

6:47: *beep… Quick to the draw, that little booger gets it one more time.

6:57: Crap. I did it again, I have to be at work in 33 minutes and I’m still in bed. Nice.

7:04: Finally, I peel my grumpy, disheveled self out of bed and drearily hop in the shower.

7:10: The shower feels way too good and I start eliminating pieces of my morning routine in my head, bit by bit. I’m a nanny; no one cares what I look like!

7:15: Fine, I’ll get out. But only cause I forgot to lay out my ‘outfit’ last night and that adds 48 seconds. By ‘outfit’, I mean ‘clean pajamas’ cause let’s face it, that’s my uniform.

7:25: Bare minimum hygiene is accomplished. Teeth brushed, hair in signature wet bun, face lotion and deodorant applied. It’s the minimum, but I promise I am never smelly nanny.

7:28: Ah shoot, late again. Still naked, I run to my room (4 steps away since my apartment is of the city variety) and grab the nearest yoga pants and sweatshirt.

7:30: Head out the door and walk the 1.7 minute (yup, I said ‘minute’ not ‘mile’) single block to the home where I spend my 40 hours a week playing with 4 cutie kiddos.

7:32: ding-dong. 4 little sets of feet pitter-patter towards the door and my game face is on, literally, cause I’ll be playing a lot of games!

Until 8:00: Mom Boss and I: “Brush you hair! Have you washed your face? Where is your fleece? Hurry kiddo, you’re late to pick up your carpool! Babe, where is your library book?”

8:05: The elementary kiddos and Mom Boss are gone. Now it’s just my babies and me. By ‘babies’ I mean a 2 and a 4 year old who crack me up. I love all of my kiddos equally, but these two have special pieces of my heart. Also, I fear I have given them huge parts of my personality (some might call it ‘sense of humor’?) since I’ve been with them since birth and 18 months. I’ll let you know how that turns out!

8:15: 2 year old asks “Where Mama go?” and I reply, as usual, with intense details about her drive to the private school 22 minutes away. That kiddo needs to know where everyone is at all times or she feels real left out.

8:35: I finish the 4 year old’s fancy hairdo of the day. This one is called “earring buns” and involves braids made into rings with 27 ½ hair ties. She rocks it (as usual). I send her off to preschool with a winded Mom Boss who barely made it back through the door in time. But trust, she will never arrive to an ill-prepared child at this hour.

Until 9:30: That 2 year old and I play inside. It’s super-duper foggy and the Golden Gate Bridge is barely visible from the usually stellar bay view window. Did I mention it’s May? Yes, it’s almost summer and it’s 50 degrees outside. That old saying about summer in San Francisco is no lie.

Midwest-1 Outwest-0

9:31: 2 year old asks “Where sister go?” Again, I explain the deets. She is insisting, “Sister want to play with meeee toady”. Poor kiddo. Being the youngest is hard! I do my best distraction technique with her beloved ‘white kitty’ and give some extra cuddles.

9:34-11:34: That’s a precise timeline, by the way. We play, do puzzles, read 34 books (this one is a reader!), find ‘white kitty’ 22 times, read 11 more books, play 13 songs of her personal iTunes playlist, pretend play the classic board game of ‘trouble’ and change one diaper. Solid morning if you ask me! But… we’re still inside. Yucky.

12:00: LUNCHTIME! I make her fav organic polenta (not kidding, and I don’t think it’s cause San Franciscans are pretentious, she actually loves it), peas, and fresh peaches (at least we still get summer fruit around here!) She is a decent eater, pretty good actually! Only a few a zillion crumbs end up on the floor and I finish my meal delivery salad that Mom Boss and I partake in. Boring, but convenient.

12:14: Mom Boss is home with the 4 year old, dirty and excited to tell me about her walk in the Presidio (that’s as close as us ‘city folk’ get to ‘the forest’ but it really is beautiful. It’s an old military base preserved as our nature area). She held a slug today and I immediately regret giving her that high-five.

1:00: 2 year old’s naptime! 4 year old tells me for the umpteenth time that “I DON’T NAP ANYMORE ERICA!” Ya, I know. Stop rubbing it in; I’m still mourning that loss!

1:15: Surprised that 4 year old didn’t interrupt my naptime routine with her sister, I find her lounging on the beanbag chair, lazily watching the fog (sort of) burn off. “Are you tired?” “NOOOO! I DON’T NAP!” Ok, ok… (Yeah right).

1:20 (after a few minutes of cuddles, till she remembers her previous statement) until 2:45: I… do water colors, tell her she can’t have another snack 3 times, explain why we can’t paint the table, read 5 books, explain why we can’t go outside to do chalk cause the ground is still wet, have a glass of water, cheerfully greet Dad Boss as he brings me my (late but still appreciated) non-fat latte, clean glitter glue off the chair, play ‘sneaky snacky squirrel’, do the princess puzzle, and give 14 hugs. She’s an active one who keeps me on my toes! Gotta love that energy though, and it can be contagious!

3:00: Littlest girlie awakes by saying “E-cah! Hippo reeewy needs you!” How cute can she possibly be?!?!?!

3:05-4:00: I attempt to keep 4 year old from bowling over her sister cause she’s got the ‘afternoon jitters’. No outside time today (again) cause the fog is back and the park is too far of a walk to take a toddler who refuses to be put down in wet sand.

4:05: We hear the garage and it’s about to be ‘The Witching Hour’… dun, dun, dunnnnnnnnn. The older sisters are home.

4:10: Between flails of school uniforms, backpacks, soccer cleats, and tennis rackets (yup, they’re all in different activities!) I attempt to ask the first grader how her day was. “Whatever, it was fine. I’m hungry!” Um, when did this 7 year old become a teenager? Nice.

5:00: The 4th kiddo asks Mom Boss for the 56th time (I actually counted, that is NOT an exaggeration) what’s for dinner/when it will be ready. She calmly but loudly answers and I suggest a book. Today, I get lucky and ALL FOUR are interested. What the heck? Calm down Erica, take what you can get!

5:13: The book is nearing its end and I start reading really slowly to buy Mom Boss some time with those turkey burgers and edamame.

5:14: “Hurry up! You’re dawdling!” The 7 year old quips, my my my. Good thing I love her to pieces.

5:20: Mom Boss finally declares victory and dinner is served. I get the kiddos into their chairs as quickly as possible. It’s a task in itself.

Then, do you know what that means??

It means I only have to endure 10 minutes of complaining and/or excitement over the meal choice. I hold my breath… Today the mood happens to be of pure joy. Cause what group of kiddos doesn’t like Organic ground meat and Asian soybeans? Not any that I know!

5:30: The closing bell rings and its time for nanny to go. Oddly, I kind of don’t want to leave… cause now those adorable kiddos are all chasing me to the door. “One more kiss E-cah!” “I love you!” “Good Bye, Good Luck, Good night, and I love you!” (in blissful unison). That’s become somewhat of a ‘sign-off line’, if you will, and that right there… is why it rules to be a nanny.

Good-Bye! Good Luck! Good Night! And… I LOVE YOU!

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