Garden Fresh Pizza

I’m sure there is pizza in Heaven. There has to be. I mean, how can there NOT be?

After a quick trip to my garden the other afternoon, I came back with whole lot of basil and our first sandwich tomato. I ran into Sean’s office and demanded he touch, demanded he smelled, demanded he get as excited about it as I wasn’t. Spoiler alert: Sean’s calm demeanor translates excitement very differently than mine. So, I settled for him smiling at me and ran (literally) into the kitchen to get started on supper.

I was going to put my garden finds on a tortilla, but I decided to make a garden fresh pizza instead, because even though I love things on tortilla, I love pizza a little bit more.

I decided not to make a sauce. Instead I put a layer of tomatoes, basil and garlic over the my crust. pizza 1Then I added mozzarella cheese and sunflower seeds. I love seeds on my pizza!  pizza 2

Then I cut it up and served it up. I was still excited. And Sean smiled. I think know he was excited, too.  pizza 3

Then I ate it. A lot of it. And I didn’t regret one bite.


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