Visiting Blackrocks Brewery

While we were visiting The Northern Walkabout, we went up to Marquette for the evening. Right on a great lake, this city offers a plethora of things for people to do inside and out. But my highlight was visiting Blackrocks Brewery to hear one of my favorite Michigan musicians and songwriters Michael Waite. Man, do I love his music! And man, do I love good beer. Needless to say, with this thrilling combination, I was beyond excited to hear him play live.

Walking into Blackrocks was a completely unique experience. Established in a house, this brewery is really unlike any other brewery that I have been in before. As I told everyone at our table, “I could totally live here.” And the best part of it all…remember my favorite mug that I am completely obsessed with? Well, they were hanging everywhere as part of their mug club. It was so awesome to look up and see the beauty that can come from the hands of this Michigan potter. Yeah, Michigan is a rich place to live with so many talented people and beautiful areas surrounding us.

blackwaters 3 blackwaters brew 1 Blackrocks Brewery had one of the most delicious stouts I have had in a long time! But to top my night, the greatest moment for me was leaning on Sean’s shoulder as Michael Waite played his song ‘If I’m Not Strong Enough’… without a doubt, one of the most powerful songs I’ve ever heard– and even more powerful in person. blackwaters brew 2There are few things better in life than snuggling up in a booth with your guy, listening to music and laughing with friends. It’s about the little things, right? So, cheers to you and your friends, wherever you are.


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