Mason Jar Organizers

Our little kitchen is good for a few things. Like bumping butts while you’re boiling water. And…well… there isn’t too much else that we truly enjoy about our kitchen. It’s a small galley kitchen with a single sink, which means limited counter space and few cupboards. But we’re doing the best we can to organize and use the space we do have to it’s fullest potential. I’m also learning to take deep breaths and channel Sean’s tranquil aura.

When we first moved in, almost one year ago, I converted an old wine box into a shelving unit for all of our dried beans, fruits and seeds. Confession time: I hate grocery shopping. And because of this, we buy pretty much everything in bulk; preserved or dried. And while I absolutely love this method of stocking our kitchen, it also means we have a lot of mason jars filled up and spread all over our kitchen. beans in jarsTo help tame this collection, last week, I decided to make labeled lids for each of them. It was a simple project I wish I’d done a lot sooner. The only supplies I used were scraps from my paper collection. When I was done, I couldn’t believe how such a small project added so much continuity & organization to the area.  all jars angledmason jar lids 2 all jars straight mason jar lids 1Why didn’t I do this sooner, I wonder? Either way, I’m happy I took the short time to do this project and it is already making life much, much easier in our small kitchen. It didn’t make our kitchen larger, but it did bring relief. And we still bump butts when I’m boiling water, but I’ll never complain about that.


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