Things on Tortilla::: Quinoa & Pinto Bean Burrito #2

Sean called to say he was coming home from work in twenty minutes. Unfortunately, I was deeply involved in a conversation with Don Draper and hadn’t even considered what I would cook for dinner that evening. Reluctantly, I turned off Netflix and trudged into the kitchen. I hemmed and hawed for about two minutes before opening the drawer in the refrigerator and pulling out the bag of tortillas. Then what to put on top, what to put on top? I’m sure you’ve all mustered this challenge over before. Typically I would reach for the brown rice, but in an attempt to make it look like I hadn’t watched Mad Men for two hours this evening, I decided to really change things up and go for the quinoa jar. And then instead of our go-to black beans, I chose pinto. After cooking my ingredients in the pressure cooker, I added some taco seasoning and fresh cilantro, then mixed it all together.

Quinoa Pinto Burrito 1Then into the wrap they went with some cheese on the side. Next, I folded them up and put them on the Gorge Foreman. And tell you what, by the time Sean got home, he had no idea about my rendevous with Don Draper.

Oh yah, did I mention I made some fried corn & garlic and put it into a corn salsa. Quinoa Pinto Burrito 2 Quinoa Pinto Burrito 3Yum. Things on tortilla… is there anything better?


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