What We Eat::: Things on Tortilla #1

Food is pretty important around here. Sean and I try to eat Pescetarian while we are home. This decision has drastically changed what we eat and how we prepare our meals. People always ask us, “yah, but what do you eat?” Doubtful that we have variety and fulfilling meals in our lives. But the reality is, since we started this process, we have greatly expanded the types of food we eat. I strive really hard to have colorful, healthful meals that can sustain us. Sean likes to eat a lot, which challenges me to make meals that I haven’t tried before. And while every night isn’t a feast, I try to make it eatable. Plus, once I get home from working, I love standing over a stove and preparing meals while Sean plays his guitar in the other room. It’s definitely my 6:00pm Zen Zone.

Luckily I discovered Sean’s mealtime weakness early on in our relations::: burritos. Any kind of burrito– he isn’t picky. Truth be told, I probably make two to three different types of burritos a week. This past weekend, while he was gone, I made a new burrito and man, is he going to be sad he missed this one, because well, it was delightful!

Included in this week’s burrito:::: quinoa, tomato, kale, Veggie Italian Sausage (made by this company) stir-fried in pesto olive oil and served on a whole wheat burrito. This could be an easy vegan fix, but I decided to add some cheese (I’m a sucker for cheese!)

quinoa, kale burritos burrito

We can’t be the only people obsessed with burritos, right?


3 thoughts on “What We Eat::: Things on Tortilla #1

  1. No, you’re not- guess who else’s home is obsessed with burritos? Just about anything in a tortilla with hot sauce, it’s a meal. This particular burrito looks delicious though. We’ll have to try it!

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