Our Summer Plans::: At Home

I’m a great list maker. This time, I’ve made a list of things I want to do and things I know I will do. It’s exciting to list everything out before yourself and realize, yikes! This summer sure is busy, but at least it’s busy with full filling challenges and adventures.

:::Go on a trip to the Upper Peninsula::: This is kind of guarantee for us, since Sean’s mom is building a home there this summer. But we’re really excited to get up there, help out, and spend some quality time with amazing friends and family.

:::Road trip out East with Sean::: We just started planning this little trip and I can’t wait. Sean’s brother is getting married out East and it’s going to be one of the best times we’ve had yet. I have a sneaking suspicion of that! Hotels are booked and campsites are in the works to be being booked. Gas money is saved and safely stored away where we can’t spend it. Baseball tickets are being purchased. Get us to the wedding, please!

:::Take my nieces putt-putt golfing::: They’re pretty awesome and they definitely deserve a little golf outing with their Aunt D and Mr. Sean.

:::Buy THE COUCH:::  I’ve been eying a couch from the shop down the road and I just think I have to have it. Like, I can’t live without it. And whatever if takes, I have to make it mine. (PS: some women from my Grand Rapids community and a partner at this great shop down the road started this awesome blog that you should totally check it out!)

:::Dance at a wedding together::: Duh.

:::Spice up this blog:: Changes, new topics… I can’t wait!

:::Submit some articles to Nanny Magazine:::  Have you logged on to check it out yourself?

:::Plan an awesome and ridiculous Bachelorette Party::: This winter my “person” in life is getting married. She’s hilarious and loyal and completely deserves the best party I can throw her! So I’m giving it lots of time and planning and doing just that!

:::Dedicate my off days to visiting the beach::: It’s a hard thing to do… a real big sacrifice. But I think I can manage.

:::Sit on my friend Ashley’s porch. a lot.::: because when you have great girlfriends, you should give them lot’s of great time

:::Write and send more letters::: Especially to my special friend in Africa. Because he deserves more letters in the mail.

:::Finish re-painting and staining our record player::: This undertaking excites and makes me a little nervous at the same time. When you’re re-doing a piece of furniture you LOVE, you want to make sure you’re doing it right! I will let you know how it turns out!


2 thoughts on “Our Summer Plans::: At Home

  1. Putt putt golf is the best. Wish we could take our kiddos together!
    It is certainly wedding season, eh? I find myself obsessing over what to wear when what really matters is the dancing shoes! Enjoy!

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