Girls Weekend::: Pentwater, Michigan

359 days ago we made a pact with one another:: to dedicate one weekend, each year to our friendships. Life is busy, you know? There are jobs to keep, and houses to keep up, families to see, weddings to attend, always there is something to do. But we matter to one another. We are the people that can count to one another. We hold one another up. We encourage one another. We are family. And our friendships are a break from this mad, mad world. So this year, we went back to that beach where we made our promise 395 days ago. And as we watched the sun set from the pier, I couldn’t help but realize how rich I am in life, to have sisters so dedicated to one another, no matter what, as these women are to me.  girls 2013Three girls on pierbonfire in pentwaterShoreIn our group there are some who build the fire, and then others who make the smores. I am the latter. And though they keep trying to explain the art of cavemen innovation, I still become distracted, unlearned and truth be known, unwilling to learn. I need friends in my life to make the fires for me. We all have a place and certain talents that define us, and we all keep giving our talents to support one one another. I try to always make room in my life for my friends to share themselves. This is the secret, I believe, that makes our group strong, perpetuating, undying.  flip flops in the sandView of Pentwater BeachThe Mermaid RocksWe spent an entire day parked on the beach. Sharing stories about work, sipping cocktails in the sand, laughing about memories from college we had long ago forgotten. We poured out plans for Crissy’s wedding, and became giddy about the pending incredible life changes to come this year. We hold a past, present and future with one another that is makes each of us irreplaceable.Pentwater Beach from the PierDune GRass with BeachWe looked up in the sky and felt warm, very warm for the first time all year. We drew a line in the sand, promising to always come back, each summer, for our friendships, for one another, because we matter. Four on Pentwater Beach


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