Towels in the Mail

When I first met Seth and Karen, it was at their wedding reception in Milwaukee. They bypassed the whole “ceremony” thing and had gotten married on a snowy mountain somewhere in a Alaska earlier that year. I thought that was pretty awesome. And the moment I met them, I thought they were pretty awesome. Karen was wearing a long, flannel skirt that I complimented her on as we sauntered over a bridge, and Seth slowed his pace to walk with Sean on the way to the bar. His words were honest and mirrored Sean’s own pace. I had never met someone so like Sean before and knowing there were more men like that in the world made me smile and think, damn, these guys are pretty awesome. It’s seldom you find people that you adore immediately, but Seth and Karen were those people for me. No wonder they have been friends with Sean for so many years. It comforts me to know that these are the people Sean surrounded himself with before we met.

towel on tableThis past week they sent us a gift in the mail. Some pretty awesome towels, handmade by them, for us. It isn’t everyday you get a handmade gift in the mail, but when you do, it makes you feel…well… pretty awesome. towel close upariel towel shot

Thank you, friends. You’ve made our apartment and us very happy.


2 thoughts on “Towels in the Mail

  1. We think you’re pretty awesome too, Danielle. I am so so so happy for Sean that you found each other. This post is so sweet. I always thought that Seth and Sean were brothers in some other life, kindred spirits for sure. Have a great weekend!Karen Date: Thu, 13 Jun 2013 17:48:44 +0000 To:

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