This Week’s Grand Summer Project:: Gardening

In addition to having these great high ceilings and monster windows (that never stay up on their own, but have classic white trim around them) inside our apartment, Sean and I are also pretty darn fortunate to have a community garden outside on the property to use. Last summer, Sean was gone and I was too bummed out to take advantage of this opportunity. Shame on me. But, this year, we’ve decided to try our hand at growing some tomatoes and hopefully giving life back into an awesome rosemary plant his mom gave us. We’re crossing our fingers and giving it our all.

I bought our tomato plants at the Farmers Market earlier this month. I almost considered starting from seed, but since we’ve had some unusual weather in our neck of the woods, I decided to get some that were already thriving. And yes, this was just a lot easier for us (and as anyone who knows me knows: I always try to take the easiest path). So now, Sean and I are farmers. In the city. An oxymoron if I’ve ever heard one, that I’m excited to make a reality.
Sean Farming our TomatoesWhenever we go out to our car, I have to check our tomatoes. Whenever I get home from work, I have to check our tomatoes. Whenever we finish dinner and go for a walk, I have to check on the tomatoes. I tell Sean, it helps them when we pet them. He smiles and said, he isn’t sure but maybe I’m right. And whenever Sean waters them I sing, “we’re farmers, we’re farming” in a ridiculous voice. This definitely helps– plants love songs.

And in another fun fact: we didn’t actually have a shovel to plant our tomatoes, so like any other resourceful city gal, I used a serving spoon and measuring cup. I figure because we will be eating them it’s okay to use our kitchen utensils in helping them grow.

I’m excited for my tomatoes to start turning red, my favorite color. There is nothing better than fresh vegetables on a summer’s day!

3 thoughts on “This Week’s Grand Summer Project:: Gardening

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