Using Naptime To It’s Fullest Today

Today is all about getting my barrings before summer hits the household! Yikes! Four kids and… me. I like to think it’s not four against one, but to make that a reality, I have to come prepared! I’m using this nap time to organize the calendar, plan our activities, browse Pinterest for fresh ideas and the best part: make a SCAVENGER HUNT!! computer scavenger huntI’ve never done this before, but I’m super excited a about. I primarily want to it to be something that the older two kids will do together, but I’ve decided to throw in a few things for the younger ones, as well. At the end of it, we ALL get to go Putt-Putt Golfing, I decided. So whether they like it or not (and I think they will) we all win in the end.

How do you spend your nap times? Are we all fearing loving that summer break is just around the corner?

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