Our State Storyboard:: Summer

Each season, I try to change our state storyboard to reflect our current days. How happy I am to see sand & dunes from our first trip to the beach, instead of snow drifts hanging on our storyboard these days! state board 1state board 2state board 3This is the first time that I have used clothes pins to attach pictures. What have I been waiting for? They make it much easier to rearrange photos as I get more developed. And guiltily I admit, I always try to make things as easy for myself as humanly possible.

I love that our storyboard is something people always comment on when they come over.  Having conversation pieces throughout your space helps define areas and make the environment more welcoming, more homey to guest. When people come over and see the state storyboard, they can immediately see who we are and what we enjoy. The board tells the story of our *insert gushy adjective here*life in Michigan. And that story, I have to admit is everything to us.

I wonder what our board will look like next year at this time? How will life be different? Or the same? I can’t wait to see.


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