ABC Book for Children

When the kids I nanny for turned three years old (where does time go?), I knew just what I would do for them. Instead of toys they would grow out of, I decided to make them a special ABC Book. I had made an Alphabet Book for the little chick I watched in Atlanta years ago, and I was longing to make another for the twins. The idea behind the book was simple: I would compile the photos I had taken over the last two years, organizing them in such a way to fit each letter of the alphabet. After many episodes of How I Met Your Mother, I finally finished and was very excited to share it!

abc bookabc book intro pageA pageC pageh pageK pageThey liked it very much, and I am happy to see them in quiet moments, looking at intently and remembering all the fun experiences we have had together. I firmly believe that nannies have a very important role to play as daily memory keepers. Spending forty hours a week with little ones means that we witness their quirks growing and changing constantly. As they grow, it is easy for us to say, “ohhhh she has always been like that,” and “oh boy, we should have seen that coming! remember when he…” I challenge myself to remember all of my little one’s personalities in special ways. If you haven’t made memory books of sorts for the kids you nanny for, I recommend you do the same! It’s lot’s of fun having something to sit down and look back on together.


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