Stopping Along the Way// Ludington

“Hey Sean, can we go to the beach?” I asked, as we drove along the shore on our way home last night. It wasn’t very warm outside. It was already after nine and we had two hours until we would be home. And we were both already very tired.  But the sun was setting and the beach was pretty much empty, and how enticing it sounded to sink my toes into the cool sand on Memorial Day Weekend.

“You want to go to the beach? Now?” He smiled at me.

“Yes,” I smiled back.

“Okay,” he said, as he pulled the car over.

And I’m so glad he did. Even though it was only ten minutes, it was perfect. Because that’s what life is about for us: stopping to enjoy the little moments the world offers you along the way. What is life if you are not living? How blessed I am to have him to share my days with.

dunes with sunset in ludingtonsean in ludington 05:13sunset in ludington 05:13dune grass in ludingtonludington beach at sunset 05:13

Thank you, Sean, for encouraging me to say my impulsive ideas aloud. I will never tire of watching you walk through the dune grass in your black hooded sweatshirt. Love, Danielle

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