happy birthday to me…

Another birthday is here! Another year has passed. Which means another year under my belt. Another year to savor in my twenties. Another year closer to thirty. Another year to prepare myself for this looming thirty! But 27 is my lucky number, so I’m pretty certain this will be a special, special year in more than one way (yes, that was TWO specials!). d bday portraitbirthday coffeeThis 27th birthday I’m….

Waking to the smells and sounds of Sean making me coffee….
Grateful to be celebrating WITH Sean, instead of away, like the last two years….
Wanting to remember all of the little things that make us “us”…
Wondering what Sean’s “big surprise” is!!?
Listening to little voices singing me Happy Birthday….
Laughing when they, not me, blow out my birthday cupcake candle.
Appreciating red flowers from a great friend…
Loving all of the special texts and calls and mid-day messages.
Calling my twin for the littlest reasons, over and over again…
Wishing she and I were together, not apart….
Feeling very connected to her despite the distance.
Willing the sunshine out and the raindrops away.
Hearing the potty timer every 15 minutes…
Singing the potty song every 45 minutes.
Anticipating this evening and enjoying the moments until then.
Loving my life…
Every little, last bit of it…
Right down to the
Little toes,
Little tantrums,
Little laughs,
little secrets,
and little moments
that make it truly
and absolutely
and only

Oh happy day.


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