DIY Bingo Game for PreSchoolers

Sometimes when you’re watching kids, do ever just really want to play a game? That happened to me last week. I was tired of dolls and coloring… all I wanted to do was play BINGO! Insert problems here: 1. The standard rules of BINGO are a bit complex for three year old’s; and 2. We didn’t have any BINGO boards around the house.

So I decided to take matters into my own hands. Luckily, we have this box filled with game mysterious game pieces. And since no one knows what the game pieces actually go to, we are free to use them however and whenever we want. As a side note: I wanted there to be some sort of learning involved. However, I didn’t want the twins to pick up on the fact that they would be doing a “learning” activity. So, I decided I would only focus on one lesson: learning the letters of their names. Having a narrowed focus makes it less intense for young ones. With that said, here is how I made our simple homemade BINGO boards.

1. Create a grid on the back of the old kid’s homework left-overs.

2. Place images and letters on each of the squares.

3.  Make two copies of the papers & the use contact paper to strengthen each.

bingo games 2bingo games4. Cut one of the copies into small pieces and place them in a container. These will be the pieces they place on top of their boards. bingo piecesAfter this was done, we played! The rules were pretty simple, I would draw out the pieces and they would yell, “Yes!” if they had it. The first person to yell “yes” earned the piece and would then place it on their board. Once your board was completely filled, you would yell “BINGO!” Sometimes we would yell, “cannonball” too and that was just as fun. Hey, whatever works.

What games have you had to change the rules of for your preschoolers? Do you also make your own games to pass the time? Please share!

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