Our Welcoming Pennant

Our entrance has been an ongoing project since we moved in almost one year ago. To be honest, it’s been an ongoing project mostly because it has become a storage area for all of the things we want to get rid of. (If anyone wants a loom, let me know!) But walking into a place and being met with junk and bare walls isn’t exactly the first impression I want to share with visitors. So, a few weeks ago, I decided to start this project…slowly by surely, one foot in front of the other… now we are going…

Step One: A Welcome Sign.

Because our walls are concrete and impossible to hang things on, I knew I needed something I would be able to creatively rig up. Also, the wall in our entrance is very long, so I wanted something that could cover the vastness it presents. In the end, I decided I wanted to make a pennant. So I did. And I definitely love it. we love you parttape of signentire welcome signupward angle of welcomeAnd hanging, it still is. Thanks for stopping in! You’re always welcome here.


One thought on “Our Welcoming Pennant

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