Finally, Friday. Time to calm down, sit down and have some time with Sean!

farmer market findslilacmorning windowasaraguscross legged lemonadefloor shotAccepting that yes, there is no more snow in the forecast.

Enjoying my last week at 26 years old.

Sitting on a friend’s porch and laughing harder than I have in a while. 


Giving extra hugs in the afternoon.


Drinking coffee late into the afternoon.

Catching up with a great friend on his awesome blog.

Wanting to be home rather than out.

Indulging in asparagus for lunch and dinner.

Reading on the couch each night.

Finishing a special present for the twins’ birthday.

Spreading the picnic blanket in the backyard.

Providing consistency.

Relishing in the opening of the Farmers Market and FINALLY fresh produce!

Dreaming of a blue couch from the store where I bought my library cart.

Preparing for a great weekend!

Hope yours is filled with excitement, too.




3 thoughts on “*Friday!**

  1. I loved your pictures! This post makes me think of all of the things that I go through life ignoring. Very inspiring. Thanks 🙂

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